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Winning design #23 by setyalegawa, Label Design for Skagway Spirits Distillery LLC Contest
Gold Medal

designed by setyalegawa

Project description

We want a historic looking label that has Skagway Spirits at the top in a curve with the S on each end larger than the rest of the letters...SkagwayspiritS (with the center S lightly larger that other letters)

In the center of the label we want to start with a historic photo of the WHITE PASS (out of Skagway Alaska) and the contents...White Pass Whiskey. 

**We will also be making Gin and Vodka so want a label  that the center picture will change with the product.
At the bottom of the label add a banner that is black (or dark colored) that has the alcohol % content, Bottle #______ Batch#__________.
(You can look at a label done for Blue Bird Distillery in Pennsylvania )

We'd like a historic font that is clean and easy to read, but maintains a Historic look. We want a label that will transfer well to T-shirts and other souvenirs.

The Skagway Spirits Distillery banner will also become our logo.

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  • We are not sure about the reversed S's...any ideas? Can you show us this label with the colors reversed please? At the bottom can you put: Craft Distilled in Skagway, Alaska Thank You. #23
    • About #23, @skagwayspiritsdistillery yes i can. but the contest was expired. thank you

    • @setyalegawa we awarded YOU as the contest winner, have you not been notified?

  • Hello Great Designers! We have three people in three states working together to choose a winner....please stay with us as we are considering ALL entries. We hope to have a decision soon. Thanks for your patience.
  • please chack and feedback boss. thanks #86
  • Hi, I tried with something evocative, not the simple picture but the shape of it. Something that remember it, it's old style but with a modern touch. I think at least. bye #84
  • I hope you enjoy it. I tried a kind of label quite different in the shape. #83
  • I hope you enjoy it. I tried a kind of label quite different in the shape. #82
  • Hello Elvis, can you change out the border with a straight line rather then the scrolling? Please remove the train and leave that space blank. Change White Pass Whiskey to say VODKA. Thanks so much! #68
    • @skagwayspiritsdistillery Dear Contest Holder, Thank you for the feedback, and please check the new version #80 , #81 Kind Regards,

  • Another version with a more basic border and more traditional logo. Thanks #79
  • A lablel of one of my submitted designs, but with inverted colours. Light graphics on a dark background. Thanks
  • Hi, Here's an alternate label to show you how this format would work for your Gin. A different frame as been used and this time the imagery to be used would sit in the oval frame. Your feedback would be much appreciated. Thanks. Gavin #77
  • Revision of my previous submission. This version shows how the photo would look in an oval frame. Your feedback would be much appreciated. Thanks #74
  • CH please check and feedback.. thank you. #71
  • Dear Contest Holder, please check my new entry .. #68 If you have any feedback, that would be much appreciated.

    Kind Regards,
  • Design number 2 #66
  • My label design is not only historic but royal. Not feminine but both unisex. Every piece is original except for the photograph that would require a licence purchase or one that would look even better. My design is not close to complete, i intend to make it look more appealing with gradient or metallic colors instead of flat but please let me know if you like my work as far as I've taken it and I will happily proceed to further enhance it. Thank you. #65
  • Similair to #62 but with a different frame and a few more added elements. I've added a photograph this time to give you more of an idea. Thanks. Gavin #64
  • Can you remove the brown background behind the S's and the graphics above them. We think the S's with one light and one black and add a RED heart between the top of the two S's (we'd do this with wax but would like to see it) Would you please try SkagwayspritS in a curve with the arch toward the top of the label. We'd like to see the label color go to an off white or light tan. The picture in the center is really just a place holder, but our preference for shape in the center is an oval. We are looking for a photo to give to you. We love the bubbles at the bottom...very nice. Lastly could you change the White Pass Whiskey text to Heart Mountain Gin? I know this is a lot of changes, but I think this version is more what we are looking for. Thank you #59
    • @skagwayspiritsdistillery Thank you for the feedback .. I would try to change the design as you would expect.

  • Hi, here is a closeup of the logo used in my recent submission #62 . Thanks. Gavin #63
  • Hi, Please see a more vintage historical design, I have used the train graphic as placeholder but can insert a photo if you wish. Thanks #62
  • CH please check ? thanks #58