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Project description

We need the neck, front and back labels designed for a new to market New Zealand beer brand. We also require a similar design for the outer images of the 6 pack container and the 24 pack container or case. 

We need a non-premium look and feel to our label. 
I have created a dropbox folder with a briefing document (tasman .ppt) and high resolution images with royalty paid. 

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  • HI Everyone - Thank you all for your entries and great designs. We have chosen a winning designer, but due to still waiting for the packaging manufacturers, we have to wait for another week-10 days to select and award winner on this site. This then allows us to utilise the 7 days of final amendments to get a print and manufacturing ready design.
    If I have not sent a private message to you, informing you that you are the winner, it is not you.
    Thanks guys and good luck, you are all awesome designers. The client is launching more private label beers in Australia, China and Sri Lanka in the coming months and they will be showing your label designs to their customers to choose. Once they choose your design, we will engage you directly on here.
  • 2nd presentation revers label #45
  • Hi contest holder please see my presentation files hope you will like my final entries thanks
    best regards
    babar786 #44
  • About #41, @jan_van_lennip Hi Jan - thanks for the update, could you change the words Mill Beer to premium lager please? Thanks James
  • Hello @james10 I am not able to open dropbox link which you have given in brief. Can you give that link once again or the file which you uploaded in dropbox? Thanks Mickey
    • @Mickeydesign Hi Mickey, I have uploaded all the files I can from the dropbox folder - Images were too large. Thanks James

    • @Mickeydesign Hi Mickey, I have uploaded all the files I can from the dropbox folder - Images were too large. Thanks James

    • @james10 Can you give that link once again?? So that i can download that file. Thanks Mickey

    • @Mickeydesign Hi Mickey, what is your email address and I will send access link to your inbox. Thanks James

    • @james10 shradhadesign90@gmail.com

    • @Mickeydesign Hi Mickey, I have sent through the files. Thanks James

  • hi contest holder please see my final revision please let me know what you think?
    best regards
    babar786 #37
  • Hi babar, thanks for your esigns, the client likes them, but needs to reduce his print costs, so has asked for artwork on 6 pack and 24 pack on brown cardboard with 1 colour design please.
    Thanks James #27
    • About #27, @james10 hi contest holder james thanks for liking and giving me nice comments. okay i will make design single color as you need. thanks again
      best regards

  • So, if you can remove the bottle images from the 6 pack and 24 pack, change the background from white to brown cardboard and have the design as one colour - that would be fantastic (for the red and blue versions, not the green one) Thanks
  • Hi Anfield, I hope you have seen my updated brief comment. The client liked your green labels, but it didnt look as strong when on a brown bottler, or on brown cardboard. These two designs look much stronger on brown. Could you add a 6 pack and 24 pack in brown cardboard effect please and using just 1 colour to reduce the print costs. Thanks James
    • About #20, @james10 thanks james, i'll send revision soon

  • Hi Cavante, The client likes your label designs. He needs to get his print costs down, could you do a version of the 6 pack and the 24 pack cases in brown cardboard with your design on them in one colour please?
    James #18
  • Hi Jan, the client really likes your label and carton designs, but is concerned that photo print will be too expensive. Could you remove the photo image and have the backgrounds as brown cardboard please, with your designs please?
    Thanks James #8
  • HI Everyone, thanks for your designs, I have had to extend the contest for another week, whilst the clients review the designs in more detail.
    Those of you that have provided as per the brief - 3 part bottle labels, 6 pack labels and 24 pack, thank you.
    The client is in the process of getting their label and packaging costs down - so have requested the following please.
    This is going to be a non-premium run of the mill beer.
    Brown bottles for mock-ups of labels
    For the 6 pack and 24 pack
    Brown cardboard with 1 colour designs so minimal artwork required and print cost is lower.
    Thank you for all your submissions so far.

  • Hi Anfield - The contest is closing soon, do you think you will be able to provide artwork of a 24 pack case? Thanks James
  • Updating with the 24 pack. Thanks #33
  • About #18, @cavante Hi Cavante - nice labels, but could you include a 24 pack design as well please, as per the brief. Thanks James
    • About #18, @james10 Hi James, Yes for sure, I am going to do it.

  • About #24, @babar786 HI Babbar, I have included this image along with the 24 pack in files sent to client for review. Thanks
  • About #25, @guilty1011 HI Guilty, the client has received your designs and is currently reviewing. Thanks James
  • About #26, @loveanfield96 HI Anfield, the brief also asks for a 24 pack case design as well. Are you able to provide this please?
  • About #27, @babar786 Thanks barbar, this is as per the brief. I have sent through to the client and am awaiting feedback and review
  • About #28, @jan_van_lennip Thanks Jan, I have sent this through to the client for review and feedback.