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Project description

We have a label in mind, please look at the attached pdf, that is the exact label we want to us except we would like the "Green Scrub" changed. We would like it spelled out with our Chia Seed Scrub. The attached image is what our scrub looks like, we would like that to spell out "Green scrub" on the label. 

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  • Make this more green and the spacing between the dots tighter #58
    • About #58, I'll UL it very soon. Working on it.

  • Make the teddy bear shadding the same as #62 #58
  • Make this a shading more green #58
  • About #62, I can make it more darker if you need. Thanks
  • About #56, Sure, no problem, just a min...
  • Can you make the everything a shade darker while keeping the background white #56
  • About #49, Thanks for feedback. I'm working on it.
  • Please keep this teddy bear outline when you make the background white #49
  • Can you make the background in white #49
  • Hello, my proposal. Thanks. #45
  • My design clearly says that the product of scrub is especially for women(body shape in pink ). And I pointed out the main ingredient of scrub, Green Tea(The lady holding it)and Chia Seed("S" for the body). Hope you love it. #44
  • Here's without the green bar #43
  • can you get rid of this green bar #35
    • @naturecom1 Sure thing, I'll upload a new one

  • please remove the green bar #34
  • this is the lettering that im looking for, expect with green chia seeds #34
  • no outlines around the letters, just chia seed like your other design #35
  • Hello,

    I believe this is what you meant with your request. I decided to add a subtle outline to the letters to make them stand out but still keep it minimal.

    BeatrizC #35
  • i'm not sure if i understood everything clearly, so i'm just tryint to submit this design. as i understand, you need the same design with the same logo, just the green scrub has to be changed to chia seed scrub, but you still want green scrub to appear somewhere on the label? please correct me if i'm wrong. #33
  • This is what are you looking for ? #31
  • May I know the size of label? Thanks