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Design Contest was a great experience. It definitely exceeded my expectations. Not only did we get lots of great designs, but the process was very simple. Th website is very clear and easy to use. I had no problems at all. I also found the live chat feature to be extremely helpful. I had a couple of questions and used live chat. They were immediately responsive and provided excellent information. Will definitely use Design Contest for our future design needs.

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Winning design #102 by nn4s, Label Design for Victory Partnership Alliance Contest
Gold Medal

designed by nn4s

Project description

We need a trademark label design representing our brand for use on various product labels.  We are a nonprofit organization with the mission of supporting wounded soldiers in the country of Georgia.  We have a logo and a branding scheme that we would like reflected in the trademark design.  Our branding scheme includes the phoenix logo, the orange color (HEX#dd6c20; R: 221, G: 108, B: 32; C: 0, M: 51,  Y: 86, K: 13), and an upward orange slope shape.  I've attached files with with our logo (digital and original drawing), and some samples of documents with our branding scheme.  The trademark design should have our logo as a prominent feature (we prefer the phoenix without the banner) in the design.  The design should reflect the emotions and strength of a soldier wounded in battle determined to overcome.  We will use the trademark design on products like beer, clothing, glassware, printed paper products, and other items.  We would like to ensure their is good brand association between the products with our label and our organizations activities (represented by our logo)  We are looking for a simple, but powerful design that reflects the emotion of victory.  The design should include the following name:  Invincible Warrior.  In Georgian test: უძლეველი მეომარი The design should include the Georgian text, but will consider both Georgian and English in the design.  I have attached logo files and documents that provide samples of our branding scheme.  See our Facebook Page for more info on our organization:

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  • another logo revision #105
  • logo revision #103
  • Updated the soldier. Let me know if you'd like any other changes. Thanks! #102
  • Hello, I've made the updates as requested. I also threw in the red ribbon version which I thought looked nice as well. Let me know what you think!. Thanks! #84
    • @nn4s Thank you! Here's one more: the silhouette of the soldier does not look characteristically Georgian. It is very important for this image to resonate with Georgian soldiers. I've added a picture of a Georgian soldier in the brief. Can you change the shape of the silhouette to look like this soldier? Thank you!

  • this new designs concept . #88
  • @mulcaheys Hi CH please check my new entry. Thank you so much..

    Best Regards,
    Mark Llamado #85
  • This new other concept my design.. #71
  • Do you have a few more days can spare on your contest?
    • @newlightdesigns.001 We've extended by 7 days. We will likely make selection in next 2 or 3 days.

  • About #57, @nn4s
    Thank you for your edits. This design is a strong contender. Please make following additional edits:
    - Please use Phoenix image that we uploaded in the brief
    - please add a frame around the entire image (circle, shield, or some other shape).
    - can you try to grey out the soldier silhouette, but leave black border.

    Thank you!!
  • any feedback please. #65
  • This new revision my design, #64
  • Hi there, I've added the flag, sized the solider, and changed to the black outline. Let me know what you think! Thanks! #57
  • About #29, @nn4s
    Also, if you could change the phoenix to use the one we have in our logo. we would like to see how that looks. It is a bit sharper of an image with black line border. Thank you!
  • Hello, I've added the head back on the phoenix. We can also make the soldier a bit shorter if you don't like the overlap. Let me know your thoughts. Thank you! #29
    • About #29, @nn4s
      Yes, would like to see soldier fit within the shield. Also, can you add the Georgian flag pattern on the shield behind the soldier silhouette? If you could do that with some texture like you have on there now, i think that would look nice.

  • Hello. Great project, I wish to participate.

    -Would the label have to be fit in a particular shape for application?

    -Can it be di-cut in detail (like spaces between wings)?

    -Can I design the Phoenix with metal sheen and glossy effects?

    -Is it ok to alter the original shape from the drawing you provided?

    -would you like a modern style or something more vintage?

    -Will this label be applied manually ?

    Please sir, it would be a pleasure if you can indicate to me what your detailed requirements are so I can try with the best of my knowledge and talent to provide to you something that you need.

    Thank you.
  • Kindly view my logo sir.
    Thank you. #27
  • Hello there, please let me know if you'd like me to make any changes to this design. Thank you for your consideration! #7
    • @nn4s Thanks for your entry. Is it possible to put the head of the phoenix on the image? Would like to see what that looks like. This is a nice design.

  • white BG on logo #13
  • Hi, please see my design and let me know if you want some modification :) #12
  • Please note: it is very important for the trademark design to be very clearly connected to our organization logo. Therefore, we would like the design to include the image of our Phoenix withouth the banner that is on our logo. Please let me know if you need any further clarification on this point. Thank you!