The communication and help were excellent. Sharie from designcontest held my hand throughout the process and she ensured it was a success. The designer made endless changes after I selected them as the winner and was very accommodating to my requests. I would use this platform again!

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Winning design #37 by Nasrul, Label Design for www.oneearthfoods.com Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Nasrul

Project description

need a clean minimalistic sleek bright label design for my superfood supplements. i will have probably 8 or 9 labels needed so something that can be used over and over by changing colours and name of ingredients inside. please see some photos of some labels i like the look of.i want moringa leaf powder capsules designed for this one....but keep in mind...i will want for all of my products after this first one so they need to work together. please see website for all of my products. the next one I will want a moringa/turmeric label done, and then Ultra C etc etc etc....i will work out a price for each subsequent label when i choose the winning designer

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  • i dont like the dark green tabs you did #149
  • i dont know what it needs...it needs something.....please try a few revisions #126
    • @mrdavidclifton Thanks for comment! I'm working on it

    • @mrdavidclifton check please another approach for the back #133 Thank you

    • @mrdavidclifton And here is an another idea #149 with one leaf on the back side

  • you will not get picked to win,.......unless i see a back label....i do not see organic labels so much is missing from yours #37
  • i am trying to do a vote but the site wont let me....so sorry about delays from this point
  • i am really happy to see you try some colour options....as in my files attached i like colour options for different things #121
  • very cool now that i know by adding colours you can do many more of my different products...but for this one lets stick with green #121
  • add one more leaf on right #127
  • #127 Also make the leaf five #127
  • i dont this this design will cut it. i need a FRESH IDEA #130
  • Icons Change &
    Leaf Capsules Color change
    Boost Energy Naturally*
    Increase Focus*
    Boost Metabolism*
    Boost your Immune System*
    Aids with Joint Pain*
    Increase Overall Well-Being* #127
  • what is difference between 118 and this? #127
  • maybe the writing is SOOO small on the back? maybe i am old? maybe take out a couple bullets and make one font size larger? #116
  • Hello ch, Thank you so much for feedback & rating please check my updated design Bullet point more clear also cap color green hopefully you will like. #118
  • something is missing...please make lid green again #116
    • @mrdavidclifton Thanks for your response. Here is the version with green lids #117 And I'm working on some other options for the back label. Have a great day

  • the back labels are really boring......need to have better layout etc #95
  • i dont like the flat ground...i like your wavy one better #107
  • try adding a couple more leaves? something doesnt get me excited ....try larger bullets...very hard to read...maybe in blue? you need to try some different things here to be a winner....its close....but just close #107
  • coolest original idea out there...but it sells my logo more than the product inside #69
  • the back of the label is not very interesting #116
  • wrong shaped bottle. you have not followed my directions on my logo #95