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Winning design #32 by EmadFarid, Label Design for ZexxeZ Distillery Contest
Gold Medal

designed by EmadFarid

Project description

Label design for bottles of ultra premium brandy . labels should include the following;

Blueberry Brandy
Ultra Premium
Small Batch 
Craft Distilled

40% A.B.V. 
750 mls.

I want it to be ultra modern, sleek, polished. With dark blue base background or on dark blue foil, possibly silver reflective text. Or... ?? Surprise me. A label and bottle that will be art in itself. Chic, modern, contemporary. If you can create the design I would find the label maker to put it onto the foil. Just come up with something so cool it would fit right with your art in your multi million dollar penthouse condo. 

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  • Thank you, to all, for submitting the fantastic designs. I will be making a decision in the next few days and I can say It will be very difficult to decide which one to use. The work you have done is very impressive, and please do not be offended or disheartened if I do not choose your design.


  • ZexxeZ Distillery Label Design #83
  • Logo Design for ZexxeZ Distillery #82
  • I hope you like it #79

    please feedback and rating
  • hope you like this

    Hi happy to join in your contest, I uploaded a design that I've made my own.
    any feedback or suggestion will be helping me out to make better design

    Thank you #49
  • Please keep in mind that the background of the bottle in this mockup is slightly different than the intended color (dark blue shown in my previous submission). #48
  • Hi! I will be glad if You comment or rate my works. #34
  • did a small correction here #26
  • let me know how you feel about this design sir @ron5 #25
  • Dear Sir;
    Do you need a design for the bottle as well ?
    or do you have one to provide ?
    • @EmadFarid if you would like to submit a design for the bottle as well please do so. If I use it we can discuss further.

    • @EmadFarid if you would like to submit a design for the bottle as well please do so. If I use it we can discuss further.

    • @EmadFarid if you would like to submit a design for the bottle as well please do so. If I use it we can discuss further.

    • @EmadFarid If you would want to send a design for the bottle that is fine, and if I use it we can discuss further compensation,

  • Do you have a logo already, or are you looking for us to create that as well? Also, a size for the label would be extremely helpful.
    • @weiesnbach A label. The label could be considered the logo. The label will be 4 inches high by 3 inches wide

  • @ron5, hi sir, please let me know if you have feeback regarding design #8 :)
  • General idea of where I'm heading with a clean modern-deco look. #12
  • Here's a mockup if you'd like to see what it looks like on a bottle. #11
  • Cheers! I hope you like it. I am open to any suggestions. :) #10
  • hi sir @ron5 , hope im getting close with this design. hope you like it #8
  • This is a simple black outline of where I'm leading this towards. Seeing as the word itself is a the same forward and back, I figured the logo should be as well. I've given it a deco feel, and if this is what you're liking I can easily expand on it. Some things I'll need first though, and this is the important one, what is the size of the label? Next in line of importance, does it need a spot for a UPC symbol? After that, any information other than what you have already stated would be great to know. Size though, that's kind of important. #4
  • Can you Give me a Feedback About this Logo ? thanks #3
  • Its nice, but very plain. Sorry, do not be offended, but it has to be more than just the name and words on a label. #1
    • @ron5 can you please attach some samples in the brief? i checked high luxury designs for bottles and they are very simple and minimal just how i did it. but you probably have something else in mind. it will be better if you can attach some reference images so i can be more accurate delivering next design :) thank you for response.

  • elegant and minimal design. hope you like it #1