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Winning design #36 by Jeanne, Landing Page Design for CloudCoin Consortium Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Jeanne

Project description

The CloudCoin Consortium is an organization created to govern the worlds best digital Currency: CloudCoin.

We are looking for a vintage feel. However, the CloudCoin logo should be worked in somehow.

The CloudCoin Consortium is:
1. A Republic government.
2. Has a constitution.
Some words to describe:
3. Italian Renaissance.
4. American Revolution
5. Neo-Enlightenment
6. Western Civilization
7. Philosophical. 
8. Banking and money

The site will be for


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  • can you make contest blind please? thank you!
    • @Posspoint Thanks for your interest in this contest. Will you make a submission if it is blind? Why do you prefer blind? Thanks!

    • @sean_worthington Yes I will. with blind. I never worry about other designers will steal my idea. It's impossible to have same design and concept if not look at each other. so you will get the best results, because designers will attempt to provide best design n quality.

    • @Posspoint I've decided not to make it blind. However, I did add a second and place winner.

    • @Posspoint - WARNING! Do not ask clients for contest blind mode. READ COMMENTING RULES PLEASE.

    • @Babba forget it, it just open discussion with ch, now I just submit design on this contest

    • @Posspoint how you can talk about blind contest, when you get other designer's ideas, lol

    • @Jeanne So far I have not seen other designers have same idea with me. I Just find out what client has from his old website. so my entries has some features "slideshow, video, sell coin, quotes inspiration, subscribe and contact form" in the one page, everything is fine. So don't worry

    • @Posspoint you used a photo, which the ch said to use ME in the comments. Coincidence? You using my composition. Coincidence? You using my work as base.

  • About #36, @Jeanne Very nice work! I will start grading them soon. Thanks for your entry.
  • Hi, Sean.
    This is my vision of design for website CloudCoin Consortium.
    Vintage, but modern. Stylish, but mature.
    I'm ready to add something in my style and make changes.
    I think add some blocks on this page, like About Us and Contact us. What you think? #36
  • @sean_worthington

    Hello, let me know if you're interested in moving on with my concept proposal.
  • Dear CH @sean_worthington, can you please be more clear on what type of a design you are looking for. You have mentioned that you are looking for a vintage style design, but I have observed that you are liking and giving feedback only to those designs which look quite modern and not vintage which is not what your brief suggests. I had created a vintage design few days ago and still am waiting for your feedback on that
  • About #35, @Magazine Very nice!
  • I'm making my vision for your website and that will be cool. Vintage, but modern. Stylish, but mature.
    Just one question about background photos. What kind of photos can it be? I don't use clouds in my work, it's too obvious.
    I want to use something historical and something in the historic atmosphere (like John Locke)), but I don't know what it can be. Money?
    • @Jeanne I'm sorry but I don't know. Maybe banks, columns, ??? something that looks nice.

  • Dear Sean,
    this is first version of design. I was completely focused on VINTAGE (design, fonts and other elements), just like you want.
    Do you like this tipe of design, or would you like something modern and clean?

    Best Regards
  • Hello there CH @sean_worthington. Hope you are having a great day. The landing page design is deisgned as per your brief mainly keeping the vintage look which is exactly what you are looking for. Waiting for your valuable feedback/suggestion/opinion. Ready to do any revisions if required.

    3B DESIGNS #22
    • @sean_worthington I'am waiting for your feedback CH. You have mentioned in the brief that you are looking for a vintage style design and hence the above design has been designed that way . Only with your valuable feedback we can direct the design to go in the right direction.

  • hello
    please check my designs
    thank you #25
  • Your Design has been copied by #24 I think that entry should be removed what you say? #20
  • Copy of @20 Please dont do that you are a good designer #24
  • Lots of people like this one. #20
  • About #16, @Archasi Dang. The font still is not liked much. I think I liked the other one more. I liked the direction the other one was going in.
  • About #17, @WebStar That is good! I like that it has a video player on the page. I like everything about it. I con't find anything I don't like.
  • Hi CH,

    Design revised.
    Any changes please let me know.


    Regards/WebStar #20
  • Dear CH,

    Please check my another version, And let me know your valuable feedback on my design.


  • Dear CH,

    Thank you for your valuable feedback on my design, I have updated my design. Hope you like it.

    Please let me know your valuable feedback on my design.

    Thanks, #18
  • Hi CH,

    I have submitted my 1st design in your contest.

    Please rate my design design & feel free to let me know the required changes you want in this design.
    So that your expectations can be met.

    Awaiting for your kind comments.

    Best Regards/WebStar #17
  • hello
    please check my designs
    thank you #15