у меня был конкурс на дизайн посадочной страницы, и это был очень классный опыт! сначала вариантов было немного,задача была сложная, но после апгрейдов и анонсов вариантов стало достаточно, они были все разные. В итоге выбрали 4 варианта, потом провели голосование и выбрали один итоговый, который мне очень нравится . Еще хочу отметить классную работу техподдержки, которые помогали с любыми вопросами)


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Winning design #33 by advoot2, Landing Page Design for CloudsPRO Contest
Gold Medal

designed by advoot2

Project description

Hello, talented designers! we'll start a new IT-project (online shop of servises +news/articles on that topic) and I need a first page of my site that will show my offers and signup form :) 

In a nutshell what we need:  landing page for our new IT project called "cloudsPRO', for small and medium business, startups. We've already bought the domain name The main aim of that page is to show potential customers all parts, we have on site (and the benefints of that parts, of course): online store of servises, news block and personal page, where customer can work with the services he bought. Moreover its important to show on that page 1-2 latest news, 1-2 special offers, customer reviews and signup form. 

Below I wrote some texts for news/benefits of each block/customer reviews and so on -  if you want - you may use them or show your creativity :)

Project name: "CloudsPRO". that will be a russian supermarket of SaaS services, so-called "cloud services". CloudsPRO means "something professional. connected with clouds (saas services)"
Description of the business: That project combines  3 main parts: online shop of  SaaS services, content part (news,articles, researches devoted to saas) and personal cabinet in which the user can pay and work with purchased services.

The main aim of landing page is to show visitors what benefits they can take from that 3 main parts (online store, news portal and desktop) and take visitors emails
I think that the following elements should be located on that page:
  1. Title: "Cloud services for effective business"
  2. Subtitle: "On-line accounting, warehouse management, project management and communication within the company and with end customers. All for process optimization, so you can focus on your business problems"
  3. The main features. Hypermarket has 3 main sections: the online store, a news portal and a work desk. You can divide the information into three blocks in a horizontal scrolling or to make the type of icons like Each block contains text + illustrations describing the main features and user benefits.
  4. User benefits in "online store":
    find and study the necessary service by their opportunities and features. Save time because we have collected all the important information for you b)Pick up service on conditions ("Accounting for IP company," "storage program for the pharmacy," etc.)
    buy a set of services that are integrated with each other (CRM + CTI + Accounting)
  5. User benefits in "news portal':
    be aware of the emergence of new cloud services and news of current services
    access to research and analytical materials on cloud services
    View upcoming clouds  events
    access to training materials to work with cloud services
  6. User benefits in 'desktop':
    work with selected services in "one window"
    pay for all services by one account
    get discounts and bonuses
    control employees’ access to purchased applications
  7. Field subscription / registration + CTA. Enter the name, email address and CTA "Create a free account"
  8. 2 small blocks with special offers (contains current special offers from online store. you can insert here 3 icons ‘my business’ attached and text “50% discount for the first three months of use”) and main news and events ( includes a selection of the most important current news, events, etc.  put here small Illustration and text “29 of december - free online webinar for startups, devoted to online accounting”
  9. Customer reviews. Small block with 3-5 customers reviews about the service, includes photos the user's name, company, and the message text. Reviews will be more than 5, so they can scroll
    as an example you can use the following text of reviews:
    1) Anton Sizov. CEO of “that is the coolest solution for communication between people within the company. It's nice that it paid a lot of attention to communication. You can dramatically reduce a few extra tools that lack of "Bitriks24."
    2) Denis Kileinikov. The director of the club CIOs “I did not believe, but the overall performance has increased by at least 30%. I began to clearly see the picture in terms of finance, which enabled us to introduce financial planning horizon is six months. Desktop-application "Bitriks24" replaced the messengers we use before. Now its fully possible to say that this system was the best.”

  10. Header and footer.
    Should combined links to:  "About us", Link to the page "Partners" and "Developers services", to “contacts”, “questions”, links to the main blocks online store / news portal / desktop

so if you have any questions or advices - fel free to write them and we will discuss it :)

_________________________________________If it might help you______________________________________________________________________________________________

Target audience: small and medium business, start-ups. The main aim is to automate and optimizate current business processes, from online accounting to project management, CRM-system, virtual PBX...Rather young, modern, dynamic, flexible companies, open for business optimization, simplifying the current processes. Thay are able to count money.

General requirements for the design:
  • Site Style: Modern business.Should leave the feeling of belonging to the field of cloud services, IT
  • The design should be adaptive to modern screen resolutions, including tablets, smartphones
  • The site allowed graphic elements, but not to the detriment of the navigation and overall minimalism. You can stick to the minimalist design of the flat, use animation (vibrations of objects hover / pressed, various indicators, effects), animated hover, ghost button. You can use the "card design" a la Pinterest
  • Permissible both horizontal and vertical scrolling
  • You can introduce any branded character if needed

3 major associations that need to convey to the audience: Modern, professional, friendly

General description of the service: tha is an online hypermarket of saas (cloud) services, combined of 3 parts:
  1. "Online store" in which the end user can view all the solutions, read the full description of the services to compare one service with another in the same category, select, buy the necessary services and related services, including comprehensive support of the various services (consulting, training, implementation, technical support, etc.)
  2. "News portal" in which the end user can get acquainted with photos, video, graphics and text materials on cloud services: read news, view a list of upcoming events, watch a video presentation service, live video from the event, read analytical articles on cloud topics etc 
  3. "Desktop", on which the end user can work with purchased cloud services

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