We got a bunch of great designs within a few days. We were able to make some suggestions and most of the designers adjusted their designs. Once we chose a "winner", the designer make a couple of minor adjustments for us again. Great experience!


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Winning design #12 by ramsro, Landing Page Design for Contest
Gold Medal

designed by ramsro

Project description

Create compelling design / replacement for this page -

We are not intending to change the overall design/format of the website.  Only this one page.

Please keep within the color scheme and structure of the existing site.

We need this page to grab attention, look professional and encourage visitors to click through to watch the videos and click on the Learn more buttons to see the more detailed features pages currently linked to on this page.

As per the current page...

Sales CRM should link to:
Video -
Learn More -

Marketing Automation
Video -
Learn More -

Lead Generation
Video -
Learn More -

The videos should play in this page, as a popup, like they currently do.

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  • please check my design
    thanks #31
  • please check my design
    thanks #30
  • Hello Sir,
    Please check my design and give your valuable feedback on the same.

    Thanks #29
  • IF any correction feel free to contact me... #26
  • A new testimonials area. Let me know if you want anything changed. #22
  • A new testimonials area. #18
  • Added a subtle change to the "What Our Clients Think" section. #17
  • Hello, please let me know what you think about the design and if you want anything changed. #14
  • Dear Contest Holder,

    Can you please provide me the feedback for my design #6
  • make these headings a different color than black. try white or grey... They need to standout. #1
  • make the customer images full color #1
  • make the orange line below these headers straight. #1
  • change this image. Too much going on in it and its distracting. Make it less tall, use less vertical space. #1
  • reduce vertical space required for this top image to allow the 3 elements below to be seen more easily. #3
  • arrange the 3 elements, Sales CRM, Marketing Automation, Lead Generation horizontally so they are all seen without scrolling. #3
  • make this image less tall. reduce vertical space required so that the other elements are seen without scrolling. #2
  • make text under all 3 images same font as text below "What our clients think"... Make checks orange. #2
  • change this image. See attached suggestions #2
  • change this image. See attached suggestions #2