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Winning design #16 by Posspoint, Landing Page Design for www.capitalwestgarage.com Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Posspoint

Project description

We are looking for a landing page for our Garage Insurance program.  

The landing page should match the look ,feel and content of the attached brochure. The landing page should have a "Click here for a free quote" call to action.

-Landing Page needs to be in HTML
-Style Sheet must be used and included.
- Style Sheet must include formatting for textboxes and text and dropdowns, radio buttons. 
- The "Main" Content section in the middle - need to be empty - we will be adding text boxes, tables and dropdowns and buttons (for an application)
- Please include the Capital West Logo in the header (attached)

- Our main site is www.capitalwestins.com for reference purposes. 

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  • About #7, @Posspoint Can you add "Insurance for Local Auto Garages Made Easy" on the landing page
    • @minas1 yes will do now

    • @Posspoint check #8 please

    • About #8, @Posspoint lets use the other button can you also add the text from the main brochure - the large content section in the inside middle

    • @minas1 btw, where the text? I don't see any text in your document., you can review again please

    • @Posspoint are you there?? please review my post above

    • About #11, @Posspoint Yes - can you add a garage type image on the landing page?

    • @minas1 I've added now please check on #16

  • Hi CH,
    Design revised.
    I have used plain background in this design.

    Any remarks please let me know.


    Regards/WebStar #15
  • Hi CH,
    I have submitted my 1st design in your contest. I have used
    background image from your current website.
    Please rate my design & feel free to let me know the required
    changes you want in this design. So that your expectation can be met.

    Awaiting for your kind comments.


    Best Regards/WebStar #14
  • I like #11 and #5 for the applications layout #5
  • please check and feedback #13
  • Please check and feedback #12
  • Please check my designs, i have proposed the concept of the Landing Page on your contest. and let me know if there are improvements you want.
    Best regards,
  • please check design updates here, just leave feedback if you have it #9
  • About #4, @Posspoint I like this one better, cans you include all text from the brochure main inside section.
    • @minas1 where the text? I do not see any text in your document., you can review again please

  • Hi there!

    Thank you for letting me know about your new contest. Unfortunately, I am caught these days with other projects and I won't be able to work for this one too.

    I wish you good luck and all the best!
    • @ramsro Thank you - This is very similar to the www.golfproinsurance.com - if you could reuse that and change the colors and headers, that would be very helpful

    • @minas1 Please check #1 #2 #3. If you need changes please let me know.

  • We are looking for a very basic design and landing page. Please check www.golfproinsurance.com as an example. Obviously we want the look and feel to match the attached flyer.
  • Hello, this project is for design and coding. I feel the price is very low for the work required. Consider increasing the budget for the project and also adding a wire frame will help the designers understand your requirements.
    Thank you.