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Project description


We're wanting a landing page done for one of our products: Kiwi-Klenze - a digestive health supplement.

I've placed the content on the following page:
(the image placeholders are only ideas)

Most of it is standard text content, so we're just looking for something that breaks up the sections well and styles main/sub headings really nicely.

You will see that there is a video sales letter at the top.  The completed video can be viewed at this URL:

This will give ideas for the images, a overview of the product, etc.

Also important: we want to include both the "References" and "About Us" content from http://kiwi-klenz.xtend-life.com/design-contest/vsl/video1.html on the completed page - just above the footer.

Please just let me know if you have any questions.


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  • Hi, My name is Ronit and this is I propose for my your design. Please have a look and provide your valuable feedback #13
    • @DragonDex Thanks for your entry... we're in the process of reviewing now and will get back to you soon! :)

  • changes are done #9
  • changes are done #8
  • changes are done #7
  • Pls let me know if you wonna see more!
    I got a lot of ideas but mby' this is not what u want.
    And let me know if you got any changes #4
  • There should be another testimonial here like in the mock-up. #2
  • This image should really be of a 50+ person. #2
  • This text should be left justified for easier reading too. #2
  • This text should be left justified for easier reading. #2
  • As shown in the mock-up the other testimonial should be directly below the this text. #2
  • The sentence "Even the inside of the Kiwi resembles the intestinal lining!" could go in some kind of a box... what do you think? #2
  • All 3 reasons must be viewable on the page at the same time. This is important to allow the visitor to better scan the content/headings. #2
  • Both the first and last sentence should not be bulleted. #2
  • The image here should be one of older people because it's targeting the 50+ market. Also, the guaranteed seal isn't wanted because the product hasn't been introduced yet. #2
  • The text here should be left justified as it makes it easier for the visitor to consume the content. #2
  • Add the following sub heading above the main heading: "Open letter to men and women over 50 who have tried new diets, medications, and supplements but STILL struggle with symptoms of leaky gut and digestive malfunctions." Because it's a sub heading it should be smaller than the main heading, but larger than standard text, of course. #2
  • Change "My cart, etc" to "Order" as there isn't a cart - just a link to the checkout. #2