AXIS Animal Cross-Sectional Imaging Specialists

Really appreciated this designer's work and willingness to adjust both during the contest and after winning. Very happy with this experience.

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Winning design #76 by joer117, Logo and Business Card Design for AXIS Animal Cross-Sectional Imaging Specialists Contest
Gold Medal

designed by joer117

Project description

AXIS is a veterinary telemedicine group that primarily provides  magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and computed tomography (CT) image interpretation.  The expertise of the specialists in MRI is a focus of this company.  The specialists also engage in advanced MRI research, both veterinary clinical trials and translation imaging studies.   We are looking for a clean logo in grayscale for printing on white and black backgrounds (want black business cardstock). Once saw a human logo that was half face and back half was MRI image so wondered if could work looking at dog head from side (could provide image). Partial to chihuahuas!  Open to all ideas but needs to convey veterinary business and MRI specialization.

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  • Thank you for providing this with the embossed appearance. It is very helpful and I like the impression of the brain inside the dog head. Very neat! #88
    • @spholmesdvm About #88,

      In response to #44 you told me that "I like the style of the open circle by dog neck" but I have close it in all my next entries ... Why? because you have clearly mentioned in the brief that you also want your logo on dark background.
      When I put the open circle ones on the dark background they look wired, plz check these 2 versions:



      Technically it is a very bad approach if logo changes its "feel" by changing background, so I go for safe side, close the circle and it goes well on light and dark bg's with same strength.

      Another thing which I have changed is dog's ears.In the versions like #53 flat ear looks like a cross section of complete head but this 2 ears chihuahuas is more realistic, its happy smiling gesture gives friendly modern and inviting feel to the logo.

  • I would like the dog head a bit bigger, also so neck becomes a bit shorter. Thank you for re-introducing the swoosh #76
    • Thanks for the comment:) the contest has expired. I have revision but I just cant post it anymore :)About #76, @spholmesdvm

    • Thanks for the comment:) the contest has expired. I have revision but I just cant post it anymore :)About #76, @spholmesdvm

  • Thank u for submission. The dog is too cartoonish for my preference. I want a cute dog, which this definitively is, but one that looks like a profession imaging business. #77
    • @spholmesdvm I have changed the cartoonish dog with a cute professional imaging business dog, i think you will love... but contest just expired and i can not upload can i show it to you ?

  • AXIS should be different from Animal Cross-Sectional ... as it is not all one name. AXIS is the acronym. The dog logo is too simple for my preference. #90
    • About #90, @spholmesdvm Thank you for ratting and feedback. Is it possible to extended the contest please?

    • @Chrissara79 Unfortunately, I am trying to launch this business and needed logo by this deadline, so I will not be extending contest. Sorry.

    • @spholmesdvm Alright then. If I show the design through a link can you please consider it?

    • I have improved it ... after your feedback...but contest expired an hour before :)

    • @spholmesdvm I have improved the logo ...after your feedback...but contest expired 1 hour ago :)

  • Thank you for providing both versions in business cards. #89
  • This is way to busy looking in the logo with the alternating colors. It is interesting, however, that the letters are more subtle in gray-black version. #81
  • You have put a lot of work into dog head logo and it is very creative. However, the letters look less professional for my business that I would like. #84
  • Too cartoonish for a business, but it does have a Chihuahua inside a MRI #58
  • Business card design proposal. #89
  • This is how it will look on paper if embossed. #88
  • Please check this tweaked version. #87
  • I hope you give me feedback. Thanks #82
  • I hope you like my design #81
  • Sorry I would also like to see a version with the curl on bottom of X removed (like it was in #65) and one with it thicker. #74
    • See my new uploaded logo:)) About #74, @spholmesdvm

  • See this revision:) #75
  • Thank you for this version with the white dog. Was the head bigger in the business cards in #73 or are my eyes fooling me? #74
  • Like size of dog head, but would like neck thinned so thinner than right bottom arm of X. I think this needs to be done at back of jaw maybe. I think this might make the angle of the nexk look closer to angle of bottom part. On the blackground, the dog is too hard to see. I would like the entire dog head to be white with the blue brain. #73
  • This is super close being what I would like. The bottom right part of the 'X' needs to be thicker than dog neck and I now like its shape better in 52. If thicker than I think looks more like dog body. With the capital A, which I like, I would like to see dog head bigger, like in #50, to fill in space to the right of 'A'. On the black background business card, I would still prefer if the dogs head was white like lettering with a blue brain. #70
  • Name looks better here than in #57. #55
  • Of this 4 recent submissions, I like #56 best. It does not look like a MRI. Since the dog's eye become weird in the version on black background, I would like to see both as you did back in #4. #57