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Seerat.Razzaki did an amazing job on our branding project. She created a whole branding package with logo, color palette, and fonts, and gave us so many options to package them together for our marketing materials. She does truly beautiful and detail-oriented design work, is highly responsive, and a real pleasure to work with. We would definitely hire Seerat.Razzaki again as we have more design work in the future. We would also highly recommend her to clients of our digital strategy consulting company. Thank you again for all your great work!

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Winning design #220 by Seerat.Razzaki, Logo and Business Card Design for Blue Dragonfly Labs Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Seerat.Razzaki

Project description

Blue Dragonfly Labs is a digital learning strategic consulting firm, with a range of clients in the education, conservation, media and entertainment, museums and institutions, GIS and other tech, healthcare and wellness, pet services, and other industries. We specialize in digital transformation and experience, strategic program and product oversight, multi-platform content, and learning design. The BDL team has more than twenty years of experience leveraging innovative technologies and practices to impact complex issues in education, conservation and the environment, health, and more.

Our initial contest is for a branding package of new logo and business cards, including new color palette, fonts, and style.

******BRAND IDENTITY******

Our brand is about transformation-- in digital, business, and learning practices. We chose the dragonfly as the inspiration for our company name and logo because of its rich symbolism and mythology throughout many global cultures and across time. At Blue Dragonfly Labs, we see dragonflies as representative of guiding our clients through a transformational process to adapt to, learn from, and impact a changing world. We use a process of discovery to help our clients tap into their collective vision and wisdom, and to build and harness the capacity to create meaningful change and growth.

******BRAND CONCEPT******


* Modern

* Elegant -- but NOT frilly (NOT cartoonish)

* Style fitting with digital strategy consulting industry


* Dragonfly(ies)--in some manner. Could be closer to realistic or closer to abstract but not too far in either extreme. Do not want it to look like a scientific illustration and do not want it so abstract you can’t tell what it is.

* We are drawn to dragonflies that seem in motion/flight/action/forward progress or poised to do so, especially from a less common angle (such as in temp logo on page 6 of design brief doc, attached) than a typical flat-wings-straight-out design. However we are open to whatever best fits design concept.


* We like clean, modern fonts such as Avenir (just an example; not at all required to use that specific font)  


* Open to design expertise on color palette. Primary shade(s) should be blue-toned but open to shade. We prefer blues that tend toward cyan/slightly greenish and/or gray undertones as opposed to too purplish. Some vivid, rich colors ideal. Possible accent colors of copper/bronze/gold/orange but open to alternate palettes.


* Do NOT want cartoonish or too frilly or romantic/fantasy. No cursive text.

* Do not want it to look like a scientific illustration and do not want it so abstract you can’t tell what it is.

* Do NOT want blue palette that leans too purplish


The chosen designer may also be contracted for additional digital and print assets. After the branding is finalized, we plan to launch a new website, social media presence, digital and print marketing materials, content and imagery. We will be looking for designers for these and the branding designer will be highly considered. Thank you for participating and sharing your talents!

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  • Greetings, Blue Dragonfly Labs !!!

    Here I am speaking to my plan. On the two sides of the card, the dragonfly is emblazoned and has a serious shine spot UV getting done with a shadow behind it. What's more, on the correct side, alongside the logo, the name of the organization is additionally decorated and is done with spot UV shine. #207
    • @bluedragonflylabs Much thanks to you for setting aside the effort to see my design #207. I valued the chance to talk about my involvement in you. I would like to ask a favor of you. Would you be available for a very brief reply to discuss how I could improve upon my design in your sight? Any feedback you could share would be welcomed. Again, thank you for your time and consideration.

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