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Winning design #118 by joekong, Logo and Business Card Design for Bonifate Dental Lab Contest
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designed by joekong

Project description

I am merging two of my brands into one NEW brand. I own Dental Labs where we make Crowns, Bridges, Implants, Dentures and Partial Dentures for dentists. Our clients are Dentists. Both current brands are 35 years old. We bought both labs in the last 2 years. They have a reputation of producing good dental restorations however they didn't do anything modern until we purchased them. Here is the Mission Statement for the new Brand: Bonifate is an ancient word meaning good luck or good fortune. In order to fully enjoy good fortune, one must be grateful. Gratitude is what makes up the core of our business. While most businesses focus on production, we focus on production with gratitude. We are grateful for the opportunity to work. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve and most importantly, we are grateful for the trust that our clients give us to provide them with quality restorations. Each restoration we manufacture is constructed with a mix of raw materials, skill, passion and gratitude. I want to make sure that I have a template for the Business card that can be altered for contact information as we add/change employees. Also, the file formats need to include the design formats such as eps, AI, PSD, well as the standard jpg, bmp, png, tif, etc... The logo will be used for everything from small stickers all the way up to Large building signs, car wraps and convention banners. I don't have any specific colors. I like the current colors of our logo, but my wife/co-owner isn't in love with them. Doesn't hate them, but doesn't love them either. For your reference, our current websites are: and Neither one are very good and a new website will also be added after we successfully finish the logo and business cards with our new brand that you'll be creating. Competitive brands are: These are just a few small, medium and large US Domestic competitors.

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  • i've added #3, can you tell me what you thought? i'm waiting for some valuable feedback.... :)
  • Looking for something more professional. Bold yet Clean looking.
  • I kind of like this look. Can I see it with some other color variations?
  • I am looking for something very modern that stands out. Bold and Clean yet Professional looking.
  • Can you make the i bigger and look more like an implant screw inside the tooth? The Dental Lab Font doesn't stand out very well. Maybe bigger or different font/color
  • If you can see #21, can you try and make the orange star look kind of like the one on the tooth in #21. I don't know if this will look good or not, but I'm curious to see if it does.
    • ok I will work on that and thank you for you awesome suggestions till now :)

  • Now that's a cool look. I'm going to run that by my wife to get her feedback. I really like that.
  • Still not liking the orange part of the logo. The Dot so far is best, yet it still looks like it need something.
    • Hello thanks for the feedback. and do you want me to work on this concept to make it perfect or new different design ??

    • I really like the original concept with the colors, the tooth design and the flower. Except the flower didn't belong. The orange dot seems out of place as well. The next concept you worked on didn't seem like a good fit either.

  • I think the original colors look best. Thank you for showing the variety.
  • Can I see this one with an orange dot at the end of the green line? Also a version with the icon on the side.
    • Thank you for your guidance. and please check my updated entry #48 Thanks Beula

    • The one on the side probably needs to be a little smaller. The orange helps a lot. Maybe make the dot into an abstract star or something??? Just to give it some more life.

    • Ok sure i will work on that and thank you so much for the ratings and suggestions :)

    • Please check entry #49 and let me know if you like it or needs more improvement ?

  • The middle of the icon looks like the star trek logo.
  • I wanted to see the green strip go beyond the tooth like it did when it was connected to the flower. I liked the hint of orange that the flower added. Can you also move the tooth in one example to the side of Bonifate. That makes using a logo with letterhead or envelopes easier.
  • Can I see a different font for the word Bonifate?
  • Per my wife. Can you remove the flower from this so we can see how it looks. Also, maybe a few color variations.
  • I like your creativity with your ability to incorporate objects into your icon design. The tree doesn't make sense, but I'm still impressed with your creativity.
  • I don't like the icon as much as I like your creativity with the flower and the tree icons.
  • Not liking the mustard color
  • That's an interesting look. I never thought about a flower. I don't know if it really works for what we are doing. Going to have to think about that one. Stands out and I like that. Overall, a nice clean look. What other colors can you try and what else can you show me that could be better than the flower that also stands out and is professional and modern?
    • Thank you for your feedback and suggestions I have submitted new design similar to that concept check #38 and let me know if it works for you or something else :) Thanks Beula

    • |--|

      beula_2570 {*wrote*}:
      Thank you for your feedback and suggestions I have submitted new design similar to that concept check #38 and let me know if it works for you or something else :) Thanks Beula
      |--| I'm thinking something like a star, the sun, preferably something that shows warmth, gratitude.

  • Looking better. Now you have a feel for the modern and clean look that I'm talking about. What about another design or two as well as different "brighter color" combinations?
    • Ok sir I'll make changes, Thanks for your feedback and rating. best regards!

  • The colors are all similar. what about brighter colors?