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Winning design #264 by dbb201, Logo and Business Card Design for CBA Elevator Consultants, LLC Contest
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designed by dbb201

Project description

New, clean, modern, energy efficient, sophisticated, metropolitan, 

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  • i chose you as the winner already. let me find out what happened
  • oh also, sorry, is there a way to send the artwork so when printed it is the correct size?
    • About #264, @kristin1 hi ch, i think the only way to send the artwork is by choosing a winner so the designers can upload all the files.. and about the size of business card i can send the files with the exact size, but now i can't send a revision of business card because the contest has already expired so that's why i can't show to you the revision,. thanks for the feedback..

  • please make those changes on both versions as we like both
  • remove the A: for the address and the W: for the website and the M. Change the T: to (T) after the number and the F: to (F) after the fax ex. 201.804.0911 (T) and 201.804.9449 (F) #264
  • 2. Make Elevator & escalator engineering and design professionals a bit larger and move towards the bottom of the card #264
  • 2. Make Elevator & escalator engineering and design professionals a bit larger and move towards the bottom of the card #264
  • 1. remove the Elevator & escalator engineering and design professionals #264
  • 1. remove the Elevator & escalator engineering and design professionals #264
  • Dear kristin1, please be careful with the overused logo concepts and fonts:
    These type of logos will never assure an added value to your company.
  • Can you show this on a letterhead and envelope - please?
    • About #238, @kristin1 sure sir..

    • @kristin1 please have a look at #265 Have shown you how the logo #238 can be presented on Letter Head & Cover as per your request. Hope you like them. Anything else do let me know. Happy to serve you at the best possible way. Thanks

  • professional and elegant #263 watch in full view
  • hidden eye why is your logo is so simillar to cross border angels logo
  • 2nd options #256
  • In this creative you can feel the creative of "cba" as a high rise building where the elevators are used and in the creative automatically B and A gives the feel of UP n DOWN arrow. Moreover it is unique and creative which gives the viewer clear idea of the business. Looking for your kind feedback if any changes required will be done .... #255
  • Hey, this is my entry, if there's anything to change,tell me and I will edit it. #20
    • Hello and thank you for your design. we like it but can you please change to the blue green family. aslo can you push the C to the left and the A to the right a bit. thank you

    • About #20, @kristin1 ok thanks I'm gonna do it.

    • About #251, @kristin1 done!

  • cool variation. thanks for the new option for review
    • About #89, @kristin1 Hi ch, i upload some design variation which i change the color in gradient and also the design of my business card. thank you
      just a little tips for the design, actually ch, as you can see in my portfolio im not using logo just like this link " because i know that this kind of design has overused for the others company. i know you pay much for the contest you open. but i hope that the designers you pick has a giving you a high quality, originallity design for your company. thank you and goodluck. :)

      kind regards,

    • @junifer You two should take this to designer's court forum, not commenting it in here.

  • Version 2 of my logo design proposal. (blue version) #252
  • Version 2 of my logo design proposal. (green version) #251
  • Awesome thank you! I feel like i am being a pain but would you mind sending a close up version of the logo. Since we asked you to show us so many options it is small. thank you!
  • Hello, just sat with my boss and he loves your design. He would like to see a few things.
    1. Please make the CBA the same size and font as Elevator Consultants, LLC. So all three words will be the same.
    2. Can you please add " Elevator & Escalator Engineering & Design Professionals into the logo.
    3. When you print this out the lighter fade in the LOGO is lost because it is on a white background. Can you please change that. whatever you think would look best.
    4. He loves how you showed us what a business card looks like. can you also please show us what the envelope and letterhead would look like. (reference #89,121,118,67).
    Thanks so much and I will check back in first thing tomorrow morning!! This really is a creative design!!
    • About #89, @kristin1 Hi, thank you so much to your feedback, i will make the revision of the design as you requested. thank you :)

      kind regards

    • About #89, @kristin1 hi Ch, im really sorry for replying the message. when i read the i think this message are not for me. just appear your message from my design. i really dont know if this message are for me or for the other designers. please let me know your feedback. thank you :)