Cornerstone Insurance Agenc, LLC

Great experience. Graphman presented a design that clearly outhsined the rest and was very helpful and responsive with adjustments and fine tuning to arrive at exactly what I was wanting. I'll definately be hiring him for future projects.

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Winning design #179 by graphman, Logo and Business Card Design for Cornerstone Insurance Agenc, LLC Contest
Gold Medal

designed by graphman

Project description

We are a new Insurance agency that handles all forms of personal and commerical insurance. The philosophy behind this agency is service that goes above and beyond. We focus on customizing insurance coverage that addresses genuine needs. Hence "cornerstone." We identify the most pertinent needs and help our clients build out their ideal protection from there. 

For this project we are looking for a logo and business card design that reflects what we stand for (above).

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  • Maybe leave out the slogan on this side of the card #179
  • On this side I think clean and simple is good. No website since we cover that on the other side. Maybe include name, position, toll-free and local phone, fax, email. Primary emphasis on the name and toll-free number #179
  • Is it possible to make this one look like the logo in the real world display? #179
  • I think for the business card the lighter color is good. The layout isn't quite jiving with me. Maybe play with the size and layout a bit. #179
  • What if we made the block silver, the glob blue, and positioned it on the side of the Business name instead of top? #173
    • @david24 I made the adjustments as you suggested. I added some blue hues to the cube and made the background a lighter black with a hint of blue. The other has a blue grey bacground. Both have a top position and a side position option for the cube text #178. I also did a sample with a silver chrome cube. #179

  • Hope you like it. Good luck #177
  • What if we made the block silver, the glob blue, and positioned it on the side of the Business name instead of top? #173
  • give this side of the business card the same appearance as the dislay above, with the gray-blue background and silver logo #173
  • hope you like it. Good luck #174
  • Here I might prefer white letters, maybe 2 fonts bigger, no blue line. #172
  • Could we maybe play with giving it a softer, charcoal tone vs. pitch black? #172
  • Wanted to get your thoughts on the black. I love the logo. I also like the black, but it almost gives it a harsh or inimidating feel. Your opinion...what can we do to keep the same cutting edge professional look, but make it a tad more welcoming for consumers? #172
  • I like it. I definately like the blue better. #172
  • I like it. I definately like the blue better. #172
  • Since I'll be using my logo in a variety of settings I'd like to see if we can make the outline of the buildings a distinct shape so that they can stand as a logo on their own, with or without the background. About #168, @Alexa
    • @david24 Thanks for you feedback!! Working on the redesigns!

  • Maybe make the background color gradient with it darker at the bottom and fading to white at the top. #168
  • Maybe bring these two inner buildings down a little #168
  • Can we make the center building the tallest #168
  • That's cool. Now let's see if we can try a couple things.... #168
  • How about this. Hope you like it. Good luck #167