Daisy Transportation

We are happy to work with this designer. The logo he designed was the closest to the ideal of our design contest parameters. It does take a day or two for him to make the minor changes but he is very courteous and professional to work with.


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Winning design #209 by Routh, Logo and Business Card Design for Daisy Transportation Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Routh

Project description

We would like a nice modern and playful font for our group and company name.  The parent group is Daisy Transportation and G & H Medical Transportation is part of the group.  we would like an orange daisy flower as our symbol.  Color scheme will be orange and darker shade of sky blue.  We need the logo first and then the business card.  Since we provide rides for patients, we want to come across as responsible and professional but also cheerful. 

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  • I like this font. Could you have G & H Medical on one line and Transportion under it? No line and not all capital letters please. #174
  • Can you change TRANSPORTATION to Transportation and get rid of the line and website? #172
  • My design. I hope you give me feedback. Thank you. #192
  • We like the flower off the letter "y" concept. We will be embroidering this logo on shirts so please make the letters space out a bit more. Please make the transportation a little bigger part of the logo. #149
    • 7AW

      Hi, @schoi update #187 #183

  • We like the simplicity of this logo. Could you make "G" with the middle line like a traditional "G". #150
  • Chek my design #167
  • Hello! Thanks for the feedback, I changed the font and placed on business cards, I hope you enjoy it. Sincerely Christina.
  • Could you make the Transportation bigger? It is too small. Also, could you give me a simple font for our other company name which is G & H Medical Transportation? We only need to use G & H for a few months more so it does not need to be fancy, just a simple nice font. We will need both names on the business card design. #120
    • About #120, @schoi
      thank you for feedback. I withdrawn my entry for correction.
      hey have a nice day.............. :)

  • Please do not make "Daisy" in cursive writing. We have elderly patients and the word has to be very easy to read for them. Also, the G & H Medical Transportation just need to be in a simple and nice font. we will only be using that name for a few more months. Can you also show me what the business card layout would look like with both names on it? Also, can you please make "transportation" in Daisy Transportation bigger.
  • Also, I would like to see a business card layout that will have both G & H Medical Transportation and an updated version of this Daisy Transportation logo with the bigger "Transportation" wording. #120
  • I hope you like it, please feed back :) #139
  • any feedback, Sir? #128
  • Hello! Thanks for the feedback, I made the change, I hope you enjoy it. Sincerely Christina.
  • I really like this design because it stands out compared to others in the industry. Our other company name is G & H Medical Transportation. Could you let me see what that would look like in the same font you are using? #20
  • Also, our company under Daisy Transportation is G & H Medical Transport. Can you also give me an idea of what that name would look like using similar font? #101
  • Can you please let me see this logo on white background? #101
  • i hope you like it :) #106
  • ... #105
  • Daisy Transportation Logo #89
  • Daisy Transportation Logo #88