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We would like a new logo for our company Digney York Associates or DYA to be used for business cards and letterhead. We are a high end hotel renovation company that does business throughout the USA. Our clients are luxury hotel owners and management companies. We have selected our company color as Pantone 646C which is a medium blue. Simple and clean is our preferred style.

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  • About #362, @goodday I like the impression of looking down at the footprint building that this logo gives by adding the corner outlines (instead of just using a plain square). I also like the modern, clean look of this design. The simple design would work well on many applications. I think the missing strokes in the "A" and "E" adds an upscale feeling, as does the contrast in weight between "DIGNEY" and "YORK." However, it might be good to carry the missing strokes over to the A's in "ASSOCIATES." The only other thing that bothers me is the weight of "ASSOCIATES." I feel like it should be the same as one of the words above it. Other than that, this is a nice, clean logo design!
    • @dkuzmic Thanks for your feedback. yes, i can fix that.
      if I am selected to be the winner in this contes. I can refine more leverage.

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      goodday :)

    • Hallo @dkuzmic

      Please check my revision. thank you :)


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  • About #238, @rasamanis As with your other design, I like the unique use of negative space to create the logo. However, I prefer the sans-serif typeface used on #306. The comments made on the text in #306 would then also apply here. This design would also need to be in the Pantone color specified in the brief. The arrow shape underneath the buildings adds some movement/energy to this design that I like. I'm curious how it would like without the tapered ends or possibly just a filled in triangle. Again, nice overall design though!
    • @dkuzmic thanks a lot for the feedback and appreciation .. best regards rasamanis

  • Shorter lines #385
  • can we try one more with the lines shorter? #378
  • Hallo @dkuzmic

    Please check all my design. and give me feedback.
    If there is anything you need, please feel free to contact me here.
    Thank you.

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    goodday :) #381
  • About #306, @rasamanis I really like the use of negative space to create the buildings in this design. It adds depth and interest to the logo. The logo also works nicely on both light and dark backgrounds. Nice distribution of colors throughout the logo! The details on the buildings will look nice when displayed at a large scale, though they may be lost at smaller sizes. The typeface choice is modern and sophisticated, though I wonder what it would look like to put "DIGNEY YORK" on one line and "ASSOCIATES" below it (maybe adding some kerning?). Or perhaps try making all the text a bit larger, matching the weight of the letters to the weight of the square outline. Other than that this a nice logo overall!
  • This logo maybe you like . #360
  • alternative consept #359
  • New consept #353
  • Hallo CH.
    Please check and give me feedback. thanks #350
  • we like this one but can you try 5 thick horizontal lines between DYA and Digney York? #236
  • attractive professional look , simple clean elegante with touch of luxury #299
  • 2nd version of the logo with business card mockup #298
  • My design. I hope you give me feedback. Thank you. #291
  • the color scheme of the site just needs to match the Pantone blue color, please give me feedback, not just eliminate me, thank you very much #266
  • Hi there!
    Here's my idea. Please check it.
    Thanks. #264
  • Alternative color #257
  • Digney York Associates Logo on mockup business card #256
  • Can we see what it would look without the peak? #252