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Winning design #54 by rosanera, Logo and Business Card Design for Double Spades B.V. Contest
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designed by rosanera

Project description

My businesspartner and I need a logo and businesscard design for our latest company. With this company we will group companies in The Netherlands to combine purchase quantity and negotiate with suppliers to receive discount for our clients. Beside this in the near future we will sell directly to our clients via a webshop or direct link as well.

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  • Please give a more descriptive brief. What does your company do? What symbols do you want in the logo?
    • Dear Vizexmedia, Our company groups other companies together in order to create purchasing advantage. In the beginning we’ll especially focus on hotels and restaurants. The use of one or two spades would be appreciated. If you will use spades, please do it a little subtle. Our company hasn’t anything to do with cardgames or gambling. Other keywords: modern, minimal, not too playfull.

    • that's not a copy.please take a look carefully.totally diferent

    • spades of mine are not parallel (mine are up and down) and the "S" more visible than friednand's. please be fair

  • Dear Kuci_inc, Very good design so far. Is it possible for you to make a new one as well. Only thing different comparing to design #12: please half both spades.
    • sorry it seems my design has offended another designer, although i do not know what design i've "copied" since there is not a single design that looks like mine...

    • hi kuci_inc, the ch is waiting for your decision. if your design will be chosen to win, would you be willing to split the prize with me? please say yes :) we're waiting for you. thank you

    • first of all i would like to ask you if you can read my messages?

    • I do not know if this is the right thing to do (to split the price) since you've made to half spades in a box (can't see the "S" in your initial design), however if the contest holder thinks that the designs are similar then i will split the prize

  • Copied concept of other designer:;
  • designer ilatmelet if your entry is chosen as winner, the prize money will need to be split with original designer of the idea/concpet
  • designers friendnand and kuci_inc the conversation you are having here is not for the comments page, this should be made in help ticket or in the chat with mods. designer friendnand it is not for you to ask another designer to split a contest prize!
    • i have posted the issue in the forum in CHat with Mods

  • Hi there Roel1, It looks like designer Kuci_inc entry was removed because it copied designer friendnand entry. We do not allow designers to copy each other. This infringes on the original designers idea/concept What we have done in the past is if you like the entry that copied another designer we then ask both designers if they are willing to split the contest prize. They both have to agree on this, the other thing is choose the original designers entry as winner, after you have a winner you will see buy for 99 dollar flags on the entry.
  • Stop posting designs you were given infractions for!!!
  • Did anyone remove a logo recently, can you please post it again, it is a possible winner
    • hi roel, i reported that entry 'cause it's concept was similar to mine & it happened i submitted prior to it & would appear the other person copied the other's work which in rules is not allowed here. those entries undergone judgment/voting from some members here before removing. i respect your choice & your satistisfaction is also my concern, personally. so if you want it back for win then maybe you can split the prize to make it fair. we can ask the admin & hopefully all parties would agree. i sincerely hope you understand thank you

    • Hi friendnand, thank you for your reply. I understand your point of view in this matter however I (we) have not seen a simular design from your hand, can you please show me the simularity between both designs on which bases you reported that design? Thank you in advance.

    • we can say they don't look the same, but the "concept" of turning the other spade around to form an initial S for the logo was the main issue. thank you

    • |--|

      friendnand {*wrote*}:
      we can say they don't look the same, but the "concept" of turning the other spade around to form an initial S for the logo was the main issue. thank you
      |--| Thanks for your reply and the logo seems to be returned. Can you please consult your fellow designer if he agrees to split the pricemoney..

    • i actually reported 2 different people. who of them is your choice? if it's kuci_inc, he's on line. well we're calling your attention & please join the conversation kuci_inc. so we can make agreement. if you read our conversation, i'm begging you to answer me yes please :D thank you

  • Hi roel1 Are you going to pick as a winner #12 or #11? Regards, Design Contest team
    • |--|

      NastiaK {*wrote*}:
      Hi roel1 Are you going to pick as a winner #12 or #11? Regards, Design Contest team
      |--| Hi Nastia, I will consult with my partner who will win the contest, we are still in a minor discussion as visual in our comments. We have not picked a winner yet, when is the deadline to pick a winner? I think tomorrow after internal consult we can pick a winner.

    • Ok, when you decide which design to pick please let me know here

  • Copy of other designer's concept -;
  • Hi, I was just wondering, what kind of fonts you prefer, serif, sans serif? A bit more info regarding likes/dislikes on existing designs would be helpful as well. Regards