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Great designer...she has won "the Daily Double" winning 2 seperate contest, beating over 1,000 logo submissions!

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Winning design #609 by Angelkus, Logo and Business Card Design for Dreamscape Capital LLC Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Angelkus

Project description

New venture capital company formed to design, build, sell and manage residential real estate development investments primarily to Chinese investors. Foreign investors will purchase  million dollar homes located in the Houston Texas metro area. The company will be represented in China by various financial and real estate brokers who will requrit investor prospects. Once sales contracts are completed and deposits realized, land procurement and construction planning and execution commences over an 18 month build out program.

Once completed, the foreign investor will inspect and close on the houses. Investors will occupy or lease out their homes.

Affilated companies that exist are Dreamscape Builders (classic/traditional architectual design); logo shows red "monopoly house". Existing tag line is "We build Dreams".

Dreamscape Modern ( speacializes in cutting edge modern architure) Logo features   "stacked box" house prototype house. Existing tag line is: "Art in Architecture" 
(Go to: dreamscapemodern.com) 

Business cards will be two sided 1) English 2) Mandarian 
Stationary, #10 envelopes and crack&peel mailing labels will also be needed.

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  • Did U get my message on winning the Dreamscape capital gold award???
  • Amazing! You hit the 'daily double'! You won the Apex Landmark and now Dreamscape Capital!...out of 1,000 combined entries!
    You're the very best!
    I look forward to hiring you for these projects and future ones!!!
    mike wiglesworth
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  • Hello to all.I kindly ask to all of you,please, don't make your concepts very similar to mine. It is direct violation of property rights.I can not reply to everybody separately. Please, if you delete your logos which are quite similar to mine,I would be very happy.Thank you very much!
    THANK'S YOU #649
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  • it's my other design #638
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  • I hope you like it.

    THX #620
  • sweet artwork..it's almost like my eyes sink in it..when i stare at the corners....hypnotizing ! #611
  • 그것을 사랑 해요 !!!! 트위터 는 여기에 나를 데리고 ; 나는이 디자인 을 좋아 ! 꿈의 정경 이 더 말해 ? #611
  • followed a link to this on twitter...def worth my while..DotPerInchOfficial u def got my vote! #611
  • Design c'est fantastique..c'est trest bien!!! mwaaah! .. i love it! #611
  • could this be ? the most futuristic logo of our gen? #twitterbroughtmehere ! #611
  • mooie logo ; twitter bracht me hier , ik kan een wedstrijd te starten nadat ik erachter deze website uit .. #611