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Winning design #22 by ideasstudio, Logo and Business Card Design for Eastman Asia  Contest
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designed by ideasstudio

Project description

Eastman Asia Limited

Eastman Asia Limited is an Asian based procurement specialist who focuses on providing streamlined procurement services to the following sectors
1) Brand standard furniture for Global Hotel Chain FF&E and OS&E
2) Asian Based Interior Contractors.
3) Australian Based contractors. (our goal is to make Chinese procurement accessible and trouble free to the Australian market)

We require a logo and business card design for this business.

Our domain name is www.eastman-asia.com

After viewing some entries I have the following general comments.

I prefer a colour scheme that is red
I think the logo should just use the word Eastman or the initials of the company EAL
I prefer the more organic shaped logos
I prefer a solid font with no fading or lines through it.
I like the font used in the text ' peddle thorp' on the peddle thorp website http://www.peddlethorp.com.au/

Thanks for all the entries so far

With only a few days left I hope to see more come in.


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  • hello, please check my design #43, @aabdos
  • Feel free to give me some feedback...
    and any idea... :) #33
  • About #30 & #32, @ideasstudio
    Dear CH,
    Thanks for positive feedback on my design, has changed as requested. Hope it meet your needs. The size is 9cm(W) x 5.4cm(H), please let me know if you have more comments or suggestions for my design . I'm happy to change for you.
    Thanks & Cheers
  • Hello ideasstudio We require two addresses on the card and two phone numbers. This information was provided in response to an earlier comment Could you please show us how this would work on your card. We would prefer the card to be standard size and rectangle in shape. So far we like your deigns the most and are trying to decide between this one and the one with Eastman written in text. Thanks #28
  • I like the font used for Eastman however don't really like the direction of the logo. I would prefer to see more red in the colour scheme. I think the logo should just contain the word 'Eastman' Thanks #8
    • About #8, @nick_boekel thanks for feedback my design. I will try again. thanks

  • Here is business card, front and back. #18
  • Here is my idea for logo. I used arrow and paper shape plane to represent procurement services. #14
  • I use the shape of the compass arrow, and with the sun rises in the east, the left size of the arrow is brighter. At first at I used it seperately with the text but then I thought maybe replacing it with the letter "A" in Eastman will create more connection between the name and the logo.
    Please leave your feedback on this design and we can make it better. Thank you. #12
  • Yes I like this one more than the first. I like a red colour scheme and think that the font would be better as solid text. I think the logo should just use the word 'Eastman' or possibly the intials only 'EAL" I would be interested to see you develop this further Thanks #6
  • Hi, I like the layout of the business card however it should not say address 1 and address two. Just list the addresses. I would prefer to see a red colour scheme and dont really like the logo, it looks like a G. Maybe you could think about a logo that only uses the text 'Eastman' or maybe the initials 'EAL' Thanks #3
  • I like the direction this is taking. I would like the logo text to just say 'Eastman and to drop the Asia limited. you could also experiment with the initials EAL. I like the red colour more than the gold however would prefer the font to be solid without the line through it. Thanks #7
  • I think we should drop asia and just use the word Eastman in the logo.

  • hopefully you liked this logo #6
  • This is my preferred entry to date. I would like to see a simpler logo and different font. Please see the font 'peddle thorp' is written in on their website. Could the logo be amended to match this font? hope that helps #5
  • I like the font used for the text peddle thorp in this website... http://www.pta.com.au/
    I also like the colour red.
  • Hello najo98,

    We would like the following information on the business card

    Individual Name: Raymond Wong
    Position / Title: Procurement Director
    Company Name: Eastman Asia Limited
    Mobile Phone Number 1: XXXXX
    Mobile Phone Number 2: XXXXX
    Domain Name: www.eastman-asia.com
    Company Address One: Unit 11C Keng Ou Building, 371 Avenida Da Praia Grande, Macau SAR, China
    Company Address Two: 805-808 The One Executive Office Building, 5 West Avenue, Quezon City, Manila, Philippines

  • Hello nick_boekel

    I was just wondering What is the total info you want on the business card?