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Project description

Given the name of the company there is an obvious option for the logo (ie a stellar corona) and that is fine but we would like some designs not to be based on a corona so that we have a breadth of design options to choose from.  We want a clean professional logo.  It will be used on the website and needs to be suitable for use on multiple different backgrounds (eg white, coloured, photo/image).  We are a 2 director b2b consulting company, both accountants, and we develop spreadsheet models for UK based corporate clients across a variety of sectors.  Our clients range from SMEs to £1bn turnover companies.  These models are used for forecasting, for reporting, for project appraisal, for financing, for cash flow monitoring and a variety of other applications.  We build these models in Microsoft Excel mainly.  Principally we engage with finance teams and finance directors.  I designed the logo for my old company myself but we wanted a professional job this time around!  I also designed a logo for (test site that you can look at) in the modeka font.  I quite like the font but the logo ended up looking a little thin/light and not impactful.  I am not saying you must use this font.  I am not saying dont use it either.

The logo could be just the company name (see competitor or it could incorporate a designed image.  Either way it needs to be clean, professional, not fussy, appropriate for who we are.

The business cards should not have a business postal address on them. They should have director name, phone number, email address, website url.  A partial or full logo must be on the front of the card somewhere.  Feel free to use the back of the card as you please (colour, photo, image, partial/full logo, blank....)

We have not specified a colour palette as we are at an early stage and have not decided.  The work that you do here will be used to strongly inform our thinking on our corporate colours and hence also the website colour palette.  The colours used need to project trust, integrity, professionalism but also modern, lively, energetic.  I ticked blues, neutrals just because conventional wisdom says blues are professional but this is not a 'must have'.  You have free reign, subject to the brief.

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  • About #124, @logox there is something about this logo that is a bit 1980's
    • About #13, @stuartbisset hi can you sent me any update about this contest??thanks

  • About #122, @Clister a halloween eclipse perhaps? a bit creepy with the things hanging down from the crescent
  • really not sure what the pie slice represents #126
  • About #129, @fj thanks but the blue circle background doesn't make sense in an eclipse setting
  • About #130, @hapsarimk_ sorry this is not what we are looking for. looks like it says LIPS
  • color option #124
  • check this one sir #123
  • About #91, @maxx there are bits of this i like but cant quite get my head around the interaction of the C and the graphic
  • About #93, @archinla not sure what this logo is trying to say?
  • About #95, @ganyanya sorry this isnt what we are looking for
  • About #97, @abderrahmane sorry this isnt what we are looking for.
  • About #98, @ganyanya sorry this isn't what we are looking for
  • About #100, @anipurnama20 not keen on this font
  • About #102, @anipurnama20 no, not keen on the box logo
  • About #104, @banaspati no, part of the appeal of #30 was the use of upper and lower case letters. this isnt a better font
  • About #111, @DesignBear dont think i like the font on this one and there are other similar designs submitted which are are better
  • About #109, @guitar_f13 sorry, this isn't what I'm looking for
  • About #108, @DesignBear not bad. i quite like this, though I'm not 100% sold on the idea that the logo is a part of the word. but will think about it
  • About #63, @stuartbisset Hello Ch. you my not know but because of the word ECLIPSE they will not think of water submerging onto it. what they see is a word and an eclipse merging into one. #110
  • About #63, @FuelByGod not bad but I'm a little concerned that it looks like Eclipse is being submerged in water
    • About #63, @stuartbisset Hello Ch. you my not know but because of the word ECLIPSE they will not think of water submerging onto it. what we see is a word and an eclipse merging into one.