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Winning design #40 by IamSoya, Logo and Business Card Design for elit.io Contest
Gold Medal

designed by IamSoya

Project description

I am looking for a logo as I re-brand my current company to elit.io. I am looking for a logo that is simple, elegant and beautiful.

The business card should have a a scannable QR Code.

Elit.io builds mobile apps, websites, software. 

Elit.io focuses on consulting and holds workshops to help train teams on how to work build quality software that deliver real business value.

Although nowhere near finished or polished, this is the basic them of the website (but please do not be restricted by this). I would like the logo to fit perfectly into any website re-design.


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  • I need feedback Sir #52
  • @ghadeer_rahhal #42
  • @ghadeer_rahhal What do you think? #41
  • I don't like the dots. Could we fix that. #32
    • Let's remove the dots from the white area, this is the design I want and will choose

  • Could we see a white colored version too? #32
  • please check new concept,thanks #35
  • Hi, please review it. I hope you would like it. If you want any change, tell me. Thanks! #34
  • As you requested CH, hope you like it . #33
  • elit.io applications with the new logo on a smartphone.! .....???? #31
  • ? #30
  • Please continue on the business cards, looking great #24
    • About #24, @ghadeer_rahhal
      OKay . thank you so much CH . I will finish the business cards .

  • I love this. Let's use this for the business cards #25
  • Not the style we're looking for #17
    • @ghadeer_rahhal thanks for your feedback, I'll create other design proposal & upload it later

  • I love the bird, but I'm not a fan of the rest of it #19
  • I don't like the font or logo #18
  • E-2

    Business card draft sample for my entry concept #20

    Note: does the business name refer more to "elite" or to the Latin-rooted "elidere" as in 'elimination' o achieve minimalism and elegance? #21
  • E-1


    Hello, here's my first draft proposal in a sample color scheme, watermark emblem and favicon examples – as you can see, there are 2 shown variations so far; minimal "t" in the upper left corner, more defined "t" in the lower right corner – let me know how you like this concept. #20
  • Hello Ch please see entry #17 thanks
  • please check #8
    thank you...-)
  • how about this #3
    • About #3, @dwi_ilustrator this just looks very plain and not much to it