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This was a very neat way to get designs! I got them so quickly and fell in love with one (and had a close second). Communicating with the designer and getting changes was easy. I wasn't sure how to then assign the winner but I posted in the blog and got instructions right away - very helpful.


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Winning design #60 by Seerat.Razzaki, Logo and Business Card Design for Events By Tess Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Seerat.Razzaki

Project description

Revamp logo and business card design to reflect the chic, luxury event planning we do with colors that speak to our clients.  I want the design to work with my printers printing formats & want all master design files with layers and fonts.

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  • Just add in the “by” and we’re all set #59
  • Yes! This is perfect! Can you show the logo to me without the rose in the background and on a business card like the layout of #43? thank you! #53
    • @tess1 Please wait, I'll upload Business card design & logo in plain background. Thank you .

    • @tess1 Please check edited entry #59

  • Dear Contest Holder, Please let me know if you want any change. Thank you :) #54
  • This is my favorite of the redesign! Is there a scripted font for ‘events’ and ‘tess’ which makes the ‘t’ in Tess look like less of a ‘j’? #47
  • another versions, please check #52
  • i am ready to your feedback, thanks #51
  • Hello!

    About #44,#45

    If you need anything else I will be happy to modify the logo based on your suggestions.

  • sorry for all the comments ... i really like this design and am trying to make it work! Can I see 'events by' smaller and in the font which 'by' is currently in and 'tess' biggest and in the font which 'events' is currently in? and add the bowtie to the bottom of the circle. i like the 2 colors, but I'll, ultimately, also need the logo in a single color vector format. thank you!! #18
    • @tess1 Hi, Please check edited designs #41, #42, #43 . As a final files you'll definitely have vector format in single & 2 color both. If you need more modification please feel free to ask. Thank you

  • Hi CH, check this out, a revised logo and the business card design mock up, thanks #34
  • please check the results of the business card,hope you like it, and let me know if you need anything, thank you. #32
  • Can you show it to me without the double swirls and maybe just the inner circle around the name? #24
    • @tess1 I have made some changes you asked for. And I have uploaded some new designs. All the best!!

  • Can you show it to me without the double swirls and maybe just the inner circle around the name? #24
  • Can you add the bow tie to this one? and possibly play with the wording ... my company name is events by tess. 'events' and 'tess' are equally as important so sizing should be similar. maybe have 'events' and 'tess' in the same scripted font?#18
  • This is my favorite design and business card layout. Can you change this one to incorporate the bow tie at the bottom of the circle like you showed in the newest upload? And, again, with the “founder and lead coordinator”. Thanks! #16
  • Can you change this to Founder & Lead Coordinator #16
  • About #14, @SeertRazzaki hi! This is cool. Can you show it to me where "events by tess" is all the same size? maybe still incorporating the 2 fonts? also, can you show how you'd apply this to a business card?
    • @tess1 Hello, Thank you. I'll upload modified designs with business card, Please wait.

    • @tess1 Please check edited designs #15, #16, $17 & #18

  • About #4, @tonystarkcl2 I'm very drawn to this one. an you show me one more font choice which is scripty- but a little less juvenile?
  • Hi CH, this is my design, entry, to give a short description of my design, as you can see the logo is sorrounded with decorative symbols w/c describes your company as event organizer, in addition inside the poloygon is your initials comes from Events and Tess. if you have some comments just let mo know. thanks! #5
    • @silyo3s This is very cool. Can you show this with "events by tess" being in a different font and the same size?

  • Hello, ch.
    Please give me your feedback for better design.

    Best Regards. #11
    • @semoga_menang Can you show it with different colors and fonts and how it will on a business card? thank you!