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Winning design #79 by The Lion Studios, Logo and Business Card Design for H2E2 Contest
Gold Medal

designed by The Lion Studios

Project description

Design of Innovative yet simple Logo, Business Card and Stationary for a company of two main business streams

1. Consultancy to take new Spa/Salon/Grooming owners from first steps of location finding to feasibility to setup and operation support as total solution for corporate and individual owners of this business to creating

2. eCommerce platform for business to business sales and business to consumer sales for the above mentioned industry.

the Logo should be attractive for both corporate and individuals and would be also suitable for eCommerce.

We don't like to have any grooming symbols in the logo such as hair, caesars, ladies body symobls, etc... 

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  • Check the stationary design complete. We can finalize it in design handover... #79
    • @The Lion Studios I am trying to finalize the contest but I don't what to do I chose you as winner but still I did not get any option to enter into the minor changes.

    • @Gamal Ghazy Hi.Thanks for feedback.Dont worry about that.After selecting the winner we have next step "Design Handover" in that we finalize and makes logo perfect.It mean we have many days to final the logo after selecting the winner i hope you understand.

    • @The Lion Studios I will send you today my comments on the designs to do requested changes thanks

    • @Gamal Ghazy Hi, Ok but as you can see the contest time is over. If you select the winner then we'll have a lot of time in design handover to do any changes and design complete stationary etc.

    • @The Lion Studios This is what I was trying to tell you! I am not able to choose the winner!

    • @Gamal Ghazy Hi, you can contact designcontest staff, or i think you need to guarantee the contest and then click on select winner...

    • @The Lion Studios I am trying to contact them but I believe they are off today.

    • @Gamal Ghazy yeah i know, because of sunday maybe they are offline. But you can guarantee the contest by yourself, it's very easy. So once you guaranteed the contest then you are able to choose the winner.

    • @Gamal Ghazy Read here. https://www.designcontest.com/knowledgebase/client/design-contests/starting-a-contest/what-is-a-guaranteed-winner-contest/

    • @The Lion Studios I will wait for them for tomorrow so I can close it.

    • @Gamal Ghazy ok

  • Check printable Gold business card with logo. #77
  • Please read my comment about the back of the card!
  • Check printable Gold business card with logo. #76
  • Why did you get back to this not to the golden one as I asked you, Can you please make what I requested you to do in my earlier comment #72
    • About #72, @Gamal Ghazy I've upload it on Gold too. Actually printing gold card is the printer's job, so once i send you all the source files then you are able to print the Gold business card like i showed :)

    • @The Lion Studios Please read my last comment because I dont want in the back to have the logo

    • @The Lion Studios Also please make sure to have the 2 smaller and to be written down as Chemical symbols

  • Check this card... #73
    • @The Lion Studios Please use the number 58 for the full business card front and back as well as the stationary. just make the 2 smaller and put it down like the chemical equations. put the logo in the front of the card but in the back use the same way as in the top of entry number 52 using ur own design colors and can you finish this before the contest finish or do I have to extend it?

  • Check the Gold card... #75
  • Check this card... #72
  • Please Remove the Logo and Put a circle and inside the circle put a cross (North, South, East, West) - At the End of West write Equilibrium - At the End of East write Energy - At the End of North write Holistic - At the End of South write Health Thanks :) #14
    • @Gamal Ghazy please #70 Thank you!

  • Can you please show us for the full scope, logo business card front and back as well as stationary for that option #45
    • About #45, @Gamal Ghazy Hi, can you tell me which one logo design that you are talking about?

    • @The Lion Studios look we like both the cube and diamond ones we still confused between both but difinitly we are almost choosing your design. So if you can show us the full stationary and business card as well as logo for both that will be so kind of you. Also the one with cube and h2e2 beside it if you can show us with the 2 smaller font and a little but down like chimical formulas as other option that will be great :)

  • Hi check this #58
  • Hi check my entry #57
  • Hi check my entry #32
    • @The Lion Studios Hi We do love the idea of the cube, and we feel its very innovative and reflects whom we are Yet , the writing next to it is something that needs further attention and other ideas The business card as it is now definatly needs more work. can you kindly see what can be done with the above as we really like the idea

    • About #32, @Gamal Ghazy Sure i will do more. Thanks for feedback though :)

  • Can you please come up with some design merges this golden design with the cube idea that you have posted earlier.

    We really like the golden color. #45
  • Hi Check My EnTRY #49
  • Hi Check My EnTRY #48
  • Hi Check My Entry #45
  • Hi Check My Entry #44
  • Hi Check My Entry #43
  • Change Into Champaign Color #14