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Winning design #344 by ArtAttack, Logo and Business Card Design for Contest
Gold Medal

designed by ArtAttack

Project description

We are in need of a new brand identity logo and business cards:

Our website address is

We want to use only two colours in the logo:


This brown

and this green

Logos that we like are below, looking for 1950 British adverting’s style, our target market is British house wives and small businesses:


These are the products that we rent out


The company website address needs to be clear.
Might be nice to see the shape or outline of a container as part of the logo but not necessary. 

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  • Just wanted to say so impressed with loads of the entries we will endeavour to reduce the line up by eliminating some this afternoon. Just wanted to add it's import to include in the domain name
    • @jon3 hi good day sir can you extend the contest?

  • I like this a lot. Really like the font on entry 57 as not sure if on yours the near me stands out enough. I like the brown
    used in 226 entrant maybe you could cahnge your darker brown for that brow. All the entrants are so good #302
    • @jon3 hello sir, i just made a change in color and font and also uploaded some business card sample.. hope this will works.. if you want any changes just left a comment. thanks

  • Hi!
    #109 revised version. #353
  • Following is the proposal. Hope you enjoy it #347
  • Hello Sir.
    In my opinion, the URL should be written in full, so that people understand it as one, at first sight. If we write it in two separate words, there's the chance that people don't understand it and write "". Just a thought :) #337
  • @jon3 please check #297 . what do you think?
  • I used the correct green but here it seems ligther #283
  • I used the correct green but here it seems ligther #282
  • Dear @jon3, please take a look at this new and DIFFERENT concept idea.

    Waiting for your feedback.


    [ JOBZ ] #278
  • I hope u like my design.. #274
  • I hope u like my design.. #273
  • I incorporated the cursive font to attract more of the feminine crowd since you mentioned you're audience mainly will be British house wives and small businesses. The vintage layout will look really clean on business cards/flyers/ etc, also you stated you're looking for a 1950's type of logo. I added a hand truck because its better on the eyes, it's a bit softer than a storage room, also catering more to the audience you're trying to reach. Peace & Love • #272
  • About #270, @jon3
    Please Check my design
  • My second design #268
  • my first design #267
  • Hi!
    entry #109 revised version. #262
  • Design Concept :
    1. Icon storage container with a brown color .
    2. The character cases retro 50s .
    3. In the form of a business card .
    4. Please give me feedback , thank you very much . #256
  • Hi!
    Please check new version. If you have any questions please let me know.
  • like the doors on the container #72
    • About #72, @jon3 Thank you so much for the appreciation. Im the first one who got the idea of using the door in the logo so I hope you like the idea. Thank you so much and Good Day.!!

      Best Regards,
      Mark Llamado

  • Dear @jon3 Your feedback is very important.


    [ JOBZ] #241 #242