Great that I had to choose from several different choices. Next time though I would choose to create something that not every designer could see others. So that I would have completely different and not similar designs.

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Winning design #51 by FOISAL, Logo and Business Card Design for Hungreek Contest
Gold Medal

designed by FOISAL

Project description

Hello everyone. I would like you to create a logo for my name like the following link.

This would be the main logo you should create

My full name is Christos Kantiris. You can use my initials too.

As for the Hungreek it is going to be a secondary project with the winning designer.

Thank you.

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  • if you already choosen your logo thn don't come up with feedback to make changes to the logos wich are not your taste go and select winner that cheap logo have a great day
    don't waste designers time we are not free for doing timepass with you sir
    • @siraj it seems that you do not read all three information. I asked no lines and the initials to create something like a person. None of these were in your design. Sorry I wasted your time.

  • ....................... right siraj
  • I hope you like it. Thanks. #193
  • I hope you like it #192
  • I hope you like this. Thanks. #191
  • hello sir as you said i've tried to make initial like person hope you will like this upgraded logo... :) #185
  • No lines and try to make the initials to look like person #182
  • please check this one hope you'll like this :) #182
  • Ok. Let's try different fonts now. This is perfect, but I would like to see other too. Maybe something else matches better, or not #51
    • sir,please check #176,#177,#178 thank you.

  • please check... #175
  • I hope you like it. Thanks. #173
  • I hope you like it, Thanks. #172
  • Even if I do not want to put the food business inside my name logo, I liked it very much.
    Thank you #141
    • @chris_ckb hi dear ch thank you for the comments and the good ratings...pls. take a look #171...hope you like it...comment is always appreciated

  • I hope you like it. Thanks. #168
  • Trying to make initials to a create little person. I hope you like it. Thanks. #167
  • It seems that I like it better this way. #53
  • with a circle, #155
  • Ok. I decided that I want my last name as it was before. And the first for is blue (before "Christos") and the second black (before "Kantiris").
    Can you please make my initials thicker? Let's see how will look.
    Thank you #147
  • how about this sir , thanks :) #153
    • @wenxDesign it is very nice. But for my name logo I do not want to combine my food business. The small person that appears is because of my initials.

    • @chris_ckb what mean "don't want to combine food buisness" ? I think the picture above is not related to the food business sir.

  • I hope you like this. Thank you. #150
    • @Bismillah_TukuOmah please try and get my initials to create this little person somehow. Also remove the circle line and use my whole name around my initials. I like it better that way