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Need logo, business card, letterhead, etc. designs.  This is an offshoot of my company, Horizon Veterinary Services, so I would like the concept of "horizon" in the logo.  This business is NOT simply veterinary so it should not have any suggestion of that in the design.  We will be doing business consulting and event planning. I added a file with my first attempt.

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  • This is abandoned contest desinger vote win please go to https://www.designcontest.com/forum/designers-chat/78000-please-vote-abandoned-contest-hvs-enterprises-llc.html reply with entry number you think should win the prize
  • About #9, @jkicudvm hi can you sent me any update or winner announced??thanks
  • Please check sir
    thanks #171
    • Hello @seruni , I hope you are new in this market. That's why i didn't report your design. you should not copy design from other. You will never win by copying design. You entry #171 is same to same of my designs. Hope you will understand . Thanks. #167 #168

  • hi sir last 3 hours can you sent me any feedback about my designs or any updates about this contest.thanks #9
  • Please check sir #173
  • Please check sir
    thanks #172
  • Any comment for this design, it'll be appreciated #147
  • Dear CH, I hope you like it, thanks. #148
  • My design. I hope you give me feedback. Thank you. #145
  • Hi all. Thanks for the great design work. I have extended the contest one week and also guaranteed payment. I will be making a final "top 3" rating in the next few days and will decide at the end of the extension period (1 week).
  • Or like this? Hope you like it. Thanks. #135
  • With solid blue lettering in white background and one with white lettering black background. I hope you like it. Thanks. #134
  • I hope you like it. Thanks. #129
  • Or like this? #127
  • if you mean like this? #126
  • About #64, @Bismillah_TukuOmah
    We like this design. Can we see it on a white background with a darker blue color, letters in the same blue, and the white sunburst inside the blue spikes just a little smaller so the blue spices are not lost on the white background. Also, sho this with 4-5 different fonts (but keep this font as one of the choices) JK
    • About #122, @jkicudvm
      The black background logo is really good! Can I see it with out the gradient in the lettering.. Please show me one with solid blue lettering and one with white lettering. The logo on the white background is also very good. Can I see it with solid blue lettering, please?

  • What might be like this do you mean? I hope you like it. Thanks. #124
  • I hope you like it. Thanks. #123
  • Thanks for your feedback. in accordance with the images that you send, I made that change. hope you like it. please contact me immediately, if possible, there are still shortcomings or even mistakes. thanks. #122
  • I try to give another change, hopefully it meets your expectations. thank you. #120
    • @Bismillah_TukuOmah Sorry.... this is not what I was suggesting. It is hard to do with words. Can I send you my drawing somehow???