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Winning design #164 by Gegana, Logo and Business Card Design for Ishiki Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Gegana

Project description

The company, Ishiki, offers group training in mindfulness for the general public. Its philosophy is that all people, individually and collectively, deserve the higher quality of life that comes from increased emotional intelligence. The mission of the company is to up-skill clients in mindfulness, resulting in increased emotional intelligence and a higher quality of life. 

Mindfulness is defined as "paying attention in the moment, on purpose, and without judgement". It includes a large set of skills, that are honed through consistent daily meditation practice. 

The company is based in Japan in a ski resort. Their are two target markets: 
  • companies operating in the resort who are mostly service providers of short-term accommodation/outdoor activities and;
  •  tourist groups of women visiting the town to ski or engage in other holiday activities.

The name of the company "Ishiki" means awareness in Japanese. 

The logo needs to: 
  • be simple, intelligent and sophisticated-it is the blend of intelligence and simplicity that is critical, think the "Aesop" brand 
  • have a softness, without it turning into one of these typical day- spa logos with cursive writing and a floral motif
  • have the name "Ishiki" in the logo 
  • potentially include an image of a brain (representing the mind) and a heart somehow connected/intertwined
  • potentially include the slogan " nurture your mind"

When people see the logo I want them to feel something before they think, I want them to feel relaxed and open.  Then I want them to think "that feels good, I want to do that to take care of myself". 

I would also like to see business card options please. I would like the cards to reflect the above brief and also possibly have the following quote included on them 

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” Einstein



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  • *sajin could you please try changing the brain image to circles so it isn't geometric. And can you try making it a block colour pls
    • @kim_delroy Hi I have noted your comments and revised the design and it is ready now however I am unable to submit the design since the contest is over. Please let me know how can i share the design with you. Thanks

  • Gegana can you please:
    *try changing the brain in the logo to look like the background image on the business card
    *change the two colours in boarder lines on the business card to just one colour
    *thank you
  • Ishiki #210
  • how about this one? #192
  • Hi.. would you mind to give my entries #160 a feedback and you could tell me if you need any changes that you want to..
    thank youu..
  • Hi.. would you mind to give my entries #160 a feedback and you could tell me if you need any changes that you want to..
    thank youu..
  • how about this? #164
  • how about this one? #162
  • I would also like to see variations with business card options please. I would like the following quote to possibly be included on the front of the card "No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it." Einstein

    Again, the business cards should evoke the same feelings as the logo. Thank you!
  • #130 & #157 are my favourites so far. I like the more compact font of 157. I like these because they bring about the right feelings when I see them including relaxation, kindness, intelligence and sophistication. I would like to see the image perhaps made a little smaller or if possible, incorporated in to the name more. I also like the softer colour variations, trying colour options like #159
  • how about this one? #156
  • please check my design and give your feedback. thank you #155
  • hy sir can you check my designs and sent me feedback about my designs.thanks #78
  • Dear Sir
    please check it. Thanks #148
  • hi sir check my design........ #147
  • * can you please try this logo with a softer loveheart - perhaps hollow? or what ever you think?
  • hy can you sent me any more feedback?thanks #87
  • About #125, thank you for feedback, i will try
  • I like the concept of the image in this, not too literal as a mind/brain, could you please
    *try and soften the whole logo-perhaps make it a little more feminine
    *make the font a little more sophisticated #125
  • *I really like this logo but I'd love to see if you could incorporate the image more in to the title and perhaps tighten the font on the title slightly