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I was very impressed by the number of designs I received. Narrowing the voting pool down was hard enough, but choosing a winner amongst the best of the bunch was difficult indeed.


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Winning design #404 by goodday, Logo and Business Card Design for Kreider Hughes Law PLLC Contest
Gold Medal

designed by goodday

Project description

Updated: 9/3/2017 @ 2:30 US PT

Thank you to all of the designers who have submitted designs thus far! I have been pleasantly surprised by many of them.  However, I am eager to see logo designs that are not built around the initials KH or KHL.  I fear my guidelines unintentionally understated my intention to have a logo that is truly unique.  One that is eye-catching and inspires curiosity about the company it represents.  The Pepsi logo is a good example.  That logo doesn't scream "soda", rather its ambiguous and begs the logo owner (in this example, Pepsi) to create a reputation around it.  That's what I want for my logo - something that can stand on its own, with or without the name of the firm. I hope this provides a little more direction on what I'm looking for, and I hope it inspires some truly memorable designs. Thank you again for your interest in helping me build my brand! 

Solo law practice offering in-house counsel services, entity formation and legal support for start-ups, contract drafting and review, and representation for individuals in landlord/tenant disputes. 

Looking for a sharp professional design that reflects a passion for advocacy and evokes feelings of trust and confidence.  It shouldn't be too stiff or whimsical, and must meet the following guidelines:

- No iconic legal images (i.e. scales of justice or columns, gavel, etc.)
- No more than 3 colors  
- No cobalt blue, navy or turquoise 
- Feel free to use the following variations: Kreider Hughes Law, KHL or KH Law
- No initials in boxes (please!), circles might look cool but only if the design still projects professionalism; also ok not having the design incorporate initials

The more creative and striking the better!  

Details for business card:

Kreider Hughes Law, PLLC
Patrice M Kreider-Hughes, Esq.
P.O. Box 27372, Seattle, WA 98165

Service Offerings:

Virtual General Counsel

Business card details are subject to change so I will need to an editable version of the winning design to reflect these changes.

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  • Hallo @pmkh

    Please check my design. thanks :) #404
    • Hallo @pmkh

      If there is anything you need, please feel free to contact me here.
      Thank you.

      Best regards,
      goodday :)

  • Acerca del diseño #513, @ALVAREZNAVA I think this design meets expectations. The letters "K" and "H" are represented subtly with three marks. The letter "H" can be seen in negative. I am at your disposal to make any changes you need. Kind regards.
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    please check Design #510 #511
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  • our concept please, our design feedback. #510
  • Hi there!
    I've just submitted a style as my logo proposal, please let me know this suit you best and if any revisions are needed.
    Constructive and detailed feedback is highly appreciated!

    All the best,
    Bachchu From Creativefan
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