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Wonderful experience. Jobzz was great (as were many of of the other designers) about being responsive and pulling together a logo that fit what we were looking for. I will definitely be utilizing Design Contest in the near future.

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Winning design #137 by ilatmelet, Logo and Business Card Design for LIFE 180 Contest
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designed by ilatmelet

Project description

This is a financial services firm. LIFE is an acronym (Leading Into Financial Excellence). The 180 is about turning your financial life around, along with turning your perspective on how money works around. It's a lifestyle brand, a truly unique, younger, fresh way of improving your WHOLE life (faith, family, friendships, fun, etc) by first becoming financially free. Not your parents investment firm! Goal: a combination logo with a graphic representation of the logo plus the text written out.... A hand-drawn graphic, handwriting, or something really unique and stand-alone! I am visualizing a circle, swoosh, or artistically unique U-turn or arrow somewhere in the logo (maybe built in, maybe around the logo?). If possible, play with making the "F" into a (modern) dollar sign? Needs to be clean, professional and contemporary. It's needs to portray that they can trust us with advice with their finances. Green and blue are the company colors. Throw a little purple in if you think it works! Please use CUSTOM variations of these colors - not crayola colors. We attached an example of logos that we like aspects of.... If you can find the patterns in what we like and create something really unique (with a truly hand-made design graphic) and not just lay out the font...we'll be off to a good start!

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  • Too basic. Don't like those color shades of the blue and green... I want the u-turn integrated into the logo - as if it is coming off of one of the letters and wrapping around the logo.
  • It is missing the U-turn component. I am visualizing a U-turn coming off the top portion of the E wrapping around underneath the logo with the Bi-line written in it. And also having a version without the bi-line for smaller print. As I look closer, the u-turn is there - it just isn't clear when I zoom in to look. I would still like it to be more obvious.
  • Please see updated brief. Thanks. My biz partner wants to see other looks. More "urban", yet still clean. More of an artistic logo with clean text font for bi-line and website. Also, let's try some customized shades of green and blue.
    • Dear CH, please check my new design i hope you like my new idea appreciated feedback thanks

  • Hi Ch, please see my entry #26. Please let me know if you have comments. Thank you...
    • |--|

      xckel {*wrote*}:
      Hi Ch, please see my entry #26. Please let me know if you have comments. Thank you...
      |--| I think we are shifting gears and going for a more urban look. See the images in the brief. That'll give an overall idea of what we are looking for.

  • Positives: - Vertical line of separation is cool ! - Right hand layout of byline - creative! Crisp, legible! - Right byline in grey leads a cool factor (rather than boring black or more cheesy green/blue) - it is sort of graphical... Moving in that direction anyway... We'd really like a combination logo or one that incorporates real ORIGINAL ARTWORK (drawing, a swoosh or sketch, handwriting, etc) Negatives: - Looks like a beaker from science class... Would be perfect for a stem cell research company or something... But this "life" is a leadership / personal development business mixed with life insurance and financial improvement to better peoples lives, from money to every other aspect of their life!! It's a full life improvement system :) Also, could I see a similar layout of the logo with a more urban feel? See the images in the brief if you have questions. You are moving in the right direction.
  • I like the more modern font. I like the beginning to play with adding a $ onto the F... I don't think this is exactly it ( the gray-out wouldn't show up well in large format, like a billboard or ballpark ad unfortunately) but it's a start to begin thinking out-of-the box. I like the beginning of a signature swoosh.... It's not IT, but a fun play. Would still like more customized colors. Thanks!
  • Hi, Thank you for taking the time to rate my design #20. Is there anything specific that you would like to see changed in it? Thank you!
  • Hi CH, I have submitted entry #22. Please leave a feedback and do not hesitate to ask if there's any. Thank you!
  • Please let me know what you think of my design #20. Thank You
  • I like the attempt, but not the graphic. See the updated brief to see if that helps?
  • Love the font and the colors. Love the I figure in the LIFE. It makes me think about someone jumping in excitement because they took control of their life. Now if you can look at integrating a U-turn into the logo somewhere, that would be awesome!
    • Dear CH, Thanks for appreciation of my work i upload new entry very soon i hope you like thanks again

    • Thank you! Also, my business partner thinks that maybe a $ symbol could be made to look like the E and also be a u-turn. I looked at your portfolio. Nice work.

    • Thanks ! i upload new design I working on more new options i hope you like....

    • Dear CH, please check my new design included $ sign & make the logo more clear i hope you like thanks for rating

    • Thank you. I like them, but my business partner wants to see a different feel. More like what you did with the Dental Care company and wellness company. See the new brief if you need more info. I feel we are close if we went with the look we are working on, so we want different options altogether with a different style.

  • Ok, I like these, but we have updated the brief. My business partner wants to see something a little more like the brief. Just to get a different feel. We need a symbol in the logo that is stand alone and memorable - like the GC symbol in GetCaveman. Maybe combining the dollar sign in the F and the arrow might be good components for that symbol. The LIFE could be stacked on top of the 180 also. Just want to get some other feels and looks. Thank you everyone!
  • I am starting to like it. Can we fit a $ symbol anywhere in there do you think?
    • hi kirk, just submitted the revision you requested #13. please check. thank you

  • See feedback on other higher rated drawings. I'm still not liking the u-turn component.
  • Don't like the font. See feedback on other designs. Thanks!
  • Don't like the font
  • Like the font and color. The U-turn is interesting. I would still like to see it come out of the top portion of the E or the F. Maybe wrap around the 180 (and shrink the 180 a little?) to create a U-turn. Make the uturn go side to side rather than up and down. People could perceive that and crashing. Also, make the bi-line a bit bigger.
    • hi, i just submitted the revision #11. i hope this is what you meant, or give me feedback & i'll work on it. thank you

  • This is a nice improvement! I like the arrow with the 1 & I. Can we get the U-Turn to be more obvious?
    • Thank you for the feedback. I have submitted entry #79 as my revision. Feel free if there are changes you would like to see. Thank you

  • Dear Patrick, please take a look at my new design #69 . Any feedback would be helpful. KIND REGARDS [ JOBZ ]
  • Can I also see LiFE in green, then 180 written next to it in blue? without being blended in...