Merit Capital Mortgage

Great designer to work with. I asked for changes and the designer was very helpful and very good to work with.


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Winning design #46 by moonart, Logo and Business Card Design for Merit Capital Mortgage Contest
Gold Medal

designed by moonart

Project description

Company Name: Merit Capital Mortgage

About the Company: We are Mortgage company in California.  We are professional, established mortgage company for 20+ years.  We are here to fulfill everyone’s dream of having a house.

Logo: should be simple, powerful, fun and feel trustworthy (Merit name). Feels like Fortune 500 company.

Colors: like Blues, grays (open to other colors).

Do not include house graphics or people

Logo will be used in various marketing collateral from business cards, website, flyers, and large signage.




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  • About #112, @skydesig - can you put this on a business card and can I see the logo without the background?
    • About #112, @tteves Dear Sir, Thanks for your feedback. I am sorry for the late, When I see your feedback the contest time is expired. If you give me an opportunity the I will provide you this logo as your requirement. Regards.

  • hi @tteves,
    please check this. here i use another concept for bussiness card for your company. #126
  • Design concept #122
  • please give me your feedback sir #109
  • @tteves please check this,

    feel free to let me know if you need any changes. #108
  • Design concept #102
  • please check :) #101
  • About #92, @ktech21 - its hard to see they silver. Do you think there might another color that might work with this blue? I am open to other colors. Nothing too bright.
  • Logo design and front and back side of the business card with logo on it #31
    • @Anbis thank you for submitting. I will review.

  • About #43, @moonart - I like this business card design. Can you show this card design with your original logo #1?
    • About #46, @tteves - thank you! I will review. I appreciate your changes.

  • HI @tteves,
    please check this logo i use something different.i hope you like this.
    thanks #54
    • @tasminsebaba - thank you

  • Dear CH,
    Please check my design
    Thanks #69
    • @Ivardipra - thank you for submitting. I will review.

  • About #35, @Jacksparow_ how will this look on a business card? Can you show me? Thanks!
    • @tteves sure, thanks for feedback. I have done several designs. Logo can be in 2 colors or just in one. looking forward for your feedback. #55 #56 #57 #58 #60 #61

    • @Jacksparow_ - thank you. I will review them all.

  • hello @tteves,
    please check this business card. #71
    • @tasminsebaba Thank you!

  • About #17, @digitalmojito - hello can you show me how this will look in a business card?
    • Hi tteves Here are my proposals for business card of logo conception #17 : #63 , #64 , #65 , #66 , #67

    • About #65, @digitalmojito - thank you. I will review them all.

  • hello @tteves,
    Here is another entry for business card,i hope you see this entry and provide feedback thanks
    • @tasminsebaba Thank you.

  • About #62, @fatma990 - thank you for your submission. Can you put this in a business card?
  • About #91, @ktech21 - thanks for your submission. I like the blue color. Do you think you can look at changing the yellow into a gray or silver color?
    • About #91, @tteves sure... i try to make better

  • hello @tteves ,
    please check this entry.
  • new logo & new business card. #53