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Winning design #209 by DesignBear, Logo and Business Card Design for Motor 1 Productions  Contest
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designed by DesignBear

Project description

***no more winged or motorcycle themed logos please***

I greatly apologize for this, but we've decided to re-open this contest.  We've had a few things happen and so now we're trying to rework everything.  

Company: The company is called "Motor 1 Productions". 

What we do: We do all different aspects when it comes to production work.  Consulting, design, fabrication, gear rental (video, lighting, audio and staging) and all around planning when it comes to all aspects. 

Moods: Some of the vibes that we're interested in are power, modern, creative, unique, forward thinking, tough.  We love the steam punk/tattoo shop/rock and roll/skateboard/action sports vibe, but we totally understand that it's more of a trend than something that will last with time.  With that being said, even with those as moods, we're feeling that for our brand, the actual logo should be either outstanding and unique or simple and tough.  

Something we've seen in the past logos that we'd like to stay away from are Motorcycles, physical gears/cogs, film reels, and film strips.  Those are all things that we don't necessarily do or use.  Something that we liked was the wing idea, but we've also been so bombarded by those pieces that I think we've seen enough of those as well.  

If anyone has any questions or comments, please feel free to reach out and we'll do our best  to answer them.

Thank you for everyones time and efforts. 

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  • About #162, @johnmichaeldesigns Thank you for opening this contest back up. On this design I am looking to go more minimal, iconic, and a more timeless design. I think it is both modern, edgey, and classic as well. Any suggestions?
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  • This one i create before i read your massage about "no more wings" anyway, please feel free to contact me about any revision on it.

    many thanks,
    Guma #137
  • Hello there, here is my first idea about this logo. there is a piston icon there to figure out a motor and the main logo is on M1 i paint it as red and black and red with white on dark side. i hope you like it.

    many thanks,
    Guma #136
  • powerfull bold aggresive #135
  • Dear SIr
    logo attached
    plz feedback
    Thanks #134
  • Dear Sir,
    Hope you like, Please provide feedback. #130