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Project description

I greatly apologize for this, but we've decided to re-open this contest.  We've had a few things happen and so now we're trying to rework a few things.  

Company: The company is called "Motor 1 Productions". 

What we do: We do all different aspects when it comes to production work.  Consulting, design, fabrication, gear rental (video, lighting, audio and staging) and all around planning when it comes to all aspects. 

Moods: Some of the vibes that we're interested in are power, modern, creative, unique, forward thinking, tough.  We love the steam punk/tattoo shop/rock and roll/skateboard/action sports vibe, but we totally understand that it's more of a trend than something that will last with time.  With that being said, even with those as moods, we're feeling that for our brand, the actual logo should be either outstanding or simple and tough.  

If anyone has any questions or comments, please feel free to reach out and we'll do our best  to answer them.

Thank you for everyones time and efforts. 

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  • After a lot of discussion with my business partner, we want to do something with this type of logo. Our biggest complaint is that the M is a little too much on the magneto, X-men, side of things. Can we get another version with a different M? Great job with this. #44
    • Dear Contest Holder,

      I appreciate your feedback, I can provide a lot of changes to letter "M", but I am not able to upload the file because the contest is already expired.

      However, If i won the contest, then i can show it to you and make more changes until you are satisfied before releasing the prize.


  • The brand design is sleek, classic and fused with motorcycle and the film production concept.
    The logo is bold and versatile because it doesn't loose its brand image even when it's display in black and white.
    A clear design contrast is seen in the logo colour choice hence making the logo bolder and visible. #63
  • Hope you like it #53
  • kindly check this one sir thank you:) #48
  • hi sir thank you very much for the feedback :) kindly check my revision hope you like it:) #46
  • kindly check this one sir thank you:) #39
    • About #39, @karl2013
      It's getting closer. The wings here remind me a tribal tattoo, which not really vibing on. Maybe if they were more solid it might look better. The other thing that I'd like to maybe play with is the M being a little more towards the old English side with the 1 through it. I'm not sure how that would look, but could be cool?

  • Here is another direction to go in. Please let me know what you think. #45
  • here is one with some unique hand created type. I was trying to be bold and still keep it minimal, easier to read on a small scale or from a distance. Do you have any suggestions or ideas about this one? #42
  • Hello @Motor1productions:

    Please take a look at my design, I keep the tattoo shop and rock concept, removing the bike and using the elements tht your company provides. Please let me know what do you think about it. Trying to stay away from the generic logos, to give to your company an unique design.


    [JOBZ] #38
  • hi sir thank you for the highest rating and for the feedback i hope you like it:) thank you:) #37
  • Hi there, Please let me know if you'd like to see any revisions made to my design. Business card mock-up to follow.
    Thanks! #36
  • Can we get a version of this where the shield and wings are more elaborate and crisp. In the shield can we get the number 1 going through the M. As far as text, we'd like to explore other options as far as fonts in general. The cemitry of the logo with the text is spot on and we want to keep that aspect for sure. #16
  • Hello @Motor1productions:

    Please take a look at this improved design, I think that it fits perfectly with your brief.

    Please let me know if there is any change that you want to see.


    JOBZ #34 #35
  • Hello @Motor1productions:

    Please take a look at my designs and let me know what do you think about them. Your feedback is very important.


    [JOBZ] #27 #28 #29
  • Greetings Motor 1 productions crew:
    This is my concept for your logo. as you see, I'm still working on the details but wanted to secure my place in the race!
    Looking forward to hear your comment on this.
    Best Regards #25
  • I'd appreciate your thoughts on this design or this direction and any suggestions you might have to get this design in the direction of your liking. Thanks. #24
  • please check my design :) #23
  • hi sir . .
    please check my design :) #22
  • hi CH kindly check my logo proposal i hope you like it:) thank you:) #16