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Overall great experience! Designers submitted great work! There were so many options to choose from. I will definitely be using Design Contest more!

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Winning design #160 by LogoProfessional, Logo and Business Card Design for Mr. Mindful Cognitive Coaching Contest
Gold Medal

designed by LogoProfessional

Project description

I am looking for a logo that is designed with a brain that is wearing a suit and tie in a meditation pose. I am open to anything else as well but that is what I am going for. Also for the business card I would like Mr. Mindful as the business name and cognitive coaching & brain training to be in there somewhere under the business name which is Mr. Mindful. Not sure the best way to include that. I want my logo on the business card as well. 

Update 1: I would like the colors and design to be inviting. Nothing dark please. Thank you for your submissions in advance!

Update 2: Adding & Brain Training under Cognitive Coaching as well.

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  • About #160, @LogoProfessional this one is my favorite. So if I end the contest now will you make some changes to the business card and final design details? I am going to go with your design if you are going to do so. Thank you for all your submissions.
    • About #160, @robertrhau
      Thanks looking forward to making this the winner!
      anything else required to be changed card design so I will do for you

  • . #163
  • please feedback #162

  • Hi, Thanks for liking my design
    if you are willing to award me I am willing to provide you any miner changes
    like color and tweaks untill contest ended after 2 week #161
  • Let me know......... #158
  • About #155, @LogoProfessional can you change the brain so it is inside the lightbulb but so it can be the profile of the brain meaning seeing the brain from the side. Right now the way the brain is looking like as if you're looking at it from the top not from the side. Also the coaching is missing the G at the end. Also can you change the And symbol before Brain Training to look different? doesn't really look like it's the And symbol? Thank you for your submission! I think yours might be the one I choose if you can make those changes... Thank you!

  • Hi,
    I have made changes as per your instructions
    please check and let me know your feedback on these.
    Thanks #155
  • updated version #147
  • About #145, @LogoProfessional can you have him sitting more straight up. He looks a bit like he is hunched over. Thanks!
  • another variation you ask me for slogan #146
  • Sorry for late
    just i come back
    let me know ?......... #145
  • Hello robert. Any additional comments or amends on my designs #101 #96 #97 #98. Hoping to give you a straightforward and memorable iconic style logo without all the unnecessary detailing. Making it easily brandable and unique. #96
  • logo design update. Any changes will be uploaded asap upon request. Thank you very much. #124
  • can you make it without the ring/hoop around him? and him sitting up straighter? Thanks and I appreciate your submission! #68
  • I hope you like my design. #113
  • I hope you like my design. #112
  • I hope you like my design. #111
  • I hope you like my design. #110
  • I hope you like my design. #109
  • Business card mockup #108