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Winning design #236 by pannu, Logo and Business Card Design for Nevnevi Contest
Gold Medal

designed by pannu

Project description


Our company is operating as both textile trader and textile sourcing agent. Our product line includes yarn, raw & finished fabric and end home textile products such as bed linen, towel, curtain, roller blind etc.

We want to use our logo also as a brand logo when needed.

Please note that the letter "i" in our company name stays same when you write it capital. So it is not "I" if capital.


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  • my only concern with this logo is the possibility to see it somewhere else in the future. #280
    • @mahmutsatman at this moment I can't find a similar logo, the one that I found was the "blazers" logo (basketball team) but only similar in color and shapes. Obviously this could be yours and at the end you can claim if there is a copy because was yours first. The #282 is too same concept and with a little detail that represents you more, I still can made minnor changes like remove the star in the "i" One you choose a winner you have a week to work with him in little improves. Don't worry for the logo, the most of the times de designers report the logo that they think is a copy, more often if the logo is a top rated, and this has been in top for a few days, so if any had report it, is because like me can't find a similar logo in the web.


      *Sorry to no upload a biz card design for #282, but I can replace the logo in #280.

      [ JOBZ ]

  • business card revised version #299
  • hi, I am interested to participate in your contest. after reading your brief, I made this design #294
  • @mahmutsatman hi good day can you extend the contest?
  • this also looks nice with a turkish flag feeling. but no need to have the star as a dot for "i" #282
  • no it also should be multipurpose. previous is better from this perspective. #279
  • Dear mahmutsatman please take a look at this variation of the Bz card design.


    [ JOBZ ] #280
  • Dear @mahmutsatman , this concept logo works more with the idea of the agent that you mention in the brief, placing together the N and i forming an abstract person shape.


    [ JOBZ ] #279
  • Dear @mahmutsatman , what do you think of this new concept?


    [ JOBZ ] #266
  • Hello @mahmutsatman how about this with long text.

  • Hello , new entries with personalised font + negatives N inside N are up.
  • hello. can you please create new card designs and logos? #205
  • would like to see new card designs with this logo and new logos. #236
  • Entry 233 back side revised version #236
  • Logo font and image revised design #235
  • About #233, @Lancer overall looks fine. want to see more designs by considering comments
  • here they are separate on the back side. #233
  • "e" and "v" is one part on the front side #233
  • About #222, @Jobzz Hello. looks nice again. my question is what to do when there is a longer name or longer title, longer address or one more phone number? will I be able to change/add them? you see there is logo pattern on the background of name and title. are they customizable?
    • @mahmutsatman probably the size font can be changed or the "Nevnevi" reduced. And about the pattern, customizable how?

    • @Jobzz you know if the name is long, pattern are must be long too to fit.

    • @mahmutsatman of course, I design a shape longer, but only appear a part o that. About the logo, what tou think? Any change improve, maybe other desgin?

    • @Jobzz logo we liked. my concern is for the future. will I be able to customize that are myself?

    • @mahmutsatman of course would like to see more options for logo..

  • Business card revised vesion #233