Project Weld

Design Contest has been a fantastic experience. Making it so easy to choose a new logo for our business. There was so many to choose from. We could not be happier with the finished product and the designer we choose. We will be back again for further work. Thank you so much. Project Weld.

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Winning design #83 by JCreation, Logo and Business Card Design for Project Weld Contest
Gold Medal

designed by JCreation

Project description

We are a rather new business, looking for a logo for the business and eventually  website the lot. The design will also go on our work trucks, which are silver.

As long as it says PROJECT WELD dosn't have to say anything else. Don't have to have the welding sticks or fire, sparks etc. Open to anything. Something with some depth that stands out . Modern. Maybe some steel where the silvers go or some checkerplate, Quite like to blues no reds please.

Project Weld ,Maintenance Welding Services. With a Fully Qualified Boilermaker Pressure Welder. Project Weld is a mobile welding & repair service unit.  Commercial & Domestic. Steel fabrication. Custom fabrication. Heavy Equipment Repairs. Earthmoving Equipment. Haulage &  Farm equipment.

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  • Have you checked this logo? I got a lot of appreciations from different designers around the globe but nothing from you :(
    • @eshtiyak Thank you for your design and the time you have put in. Unfortunately it is not quite what we are looking for.

    • @joseph3 OK, Thanks.

      There are 1000's of "PW" logos in the market, you can google nothing is unique about it that's why I had tried a different route, Anyway if you like PW logo then it is the best choice :)

  • as this a logo and business card design package how would you lay it out as a business card, thinking about the information in the brief? #64
    • About #64, @joseph3 Hi Ch, thank you so much for the ratings and feedback. i uploaf my new entry which has a design for the business card and voucher. hope you like it. :) please let me konw your feedback. thanks

    • @junifer Thank you junifer l do like the package.

    • About #64, @joseph3 Hi Ch, your welcome and thank you for the positive feedback. :)

  • business card design,.. #87
  • another variation,.. #84
  • White background,......... #71
  • Black background,.. #70
  • How about this one?,.. #68
  • Project Weld,.. #67
  • About #65, @cwccdesigns
    Hi joseph3,
    Good Day, Here is my concept and ideas. Hope you like it.
  • Coloured version #63
  • Hi,

    As per your design brief I have envisioned this logo.A simpler approach, having an abstract welding helmet as an icon.Logo has sharp masculine feeling.

    Any comments/suggestions are welcome to improve this design.

    Thanks for your time,
    eshtiyak. #61
  • О дизайне #54, @vergoti
  • Hope you like it, i'm waiting your feedback for no. #52
  • or how about this one?,.. checker plate lightened #51
  • checker plate lightened,.. just tell me if you have something to suggest,..thank you so much :) #50
  • Could you lighten the checker plate a bit more please. #38
  • Really like what you have done. The lettering and colours are great. Love the checker plate background but can you put it in an oval or circle to contain it. #22
    • About #22, @joseph3 ,.. ok I'll make this changes,.. thank you:)

    • @jacontdsign Thank you lm really drawn to this one. Its very strong.

    • @jacondsign love the way you combined the wp. Its brilliant, great job!

    • @redstudio Thank you :)

  • How about this one?,.. #42
  • How about this one?,.. #41
  • Here's the result,.. #38