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IT & technology cybersecurity application and consultancy

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  • Wow another design we like.
    • @jonathan_li thanks! I'm glad you liked it! :)

  • QuantumS Cybersecurity #544
  • Hopefully my design can be considered, sir . #498
  • please guide me thank you #528
  • please #527
  • please guide me thank you #526
  • please guide me thank you #525
  • Please check this entry. #511
  • Just trying new concept. :) #510
  • Please check this entry. #509
  • Please check this entry. #505
  • White Background. :) #502
  • Looks good, though on white please. #501
  • Very happy with your design. Can you take the S from #492 and use it on #491 and also put it on a business card like #498 centred without the small text?
    Thanks #491
    • @jonathan_li Working on it. :)

    • @jonathan_li Revision uploaded. #501 :)

  • Hi liked your design. could you make the logo more 3D in terms of colour depth/shading/lighting effect? Also we don't like choice of font use, if you could get some alternative and have the fonts also deep and 3d effect as per above that'll be great.
  • Dear Sir, Please see check the upgraded version of #29 design. Thanks :) #500
  • Hi, please change Quantums to a deep blue colour, and S to a deep orange colour with lighting/3D effects. Logo is good, looking for some font alternatives.
  • Hi great design and great 3D effect. currently leaning towards another design as it looks better on business card and stationery.
  • Can you redesign the business card on a ivory white background, with 3D embossed logo and more corporate/lean presentation. #470
    • @jonathan_li Working on it. Thanks for the feedback! :)

  • Hi, thanks for the revision but not as good as #11, such as the smaller arch, and the overall smaller lock. We are still favouring #11 at the moment but have other designs as strong contenders.