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We are absolutely happy with the result that we got! It is amazing how you get to work with so many talented designers all over the world! The winning designer is very professional, patient and is very passionate about understanding clients' needs. We will certainly use this website again!

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Winning design #93 by Markus, Logo and Business Card Design for Rachell Allen Professionals Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Markus

Project description

Project: Rachell Allen Logo and Business Card Goal: We want a logo that spells Royalty, Intelligence and Professionalism. Audience: College Students, Young professionals Nature of Business: We help students pass their professional licensure exams. Dominant Colors: Regal Red, Velvet Red Elements that can be used: small crown inside or outside the emblem (suggestion) Secondary colors: White, gray, blue Style: Emblem, Academic, School, Simple yet Regal, Prestigious Description: Logo will have 2 components: One symbolic logo and RACHELLALLEN, but must be harmonious with each other and can be used separately. Look and Feel: Minimal with Harvard University logo feel, Modern, Not too serious, not too loud, very elegant, luxurious. Current website: www.rachellallen.com Soon to be done website: www.rachellallen.weebly.com NOTE: Please do not get restricted with the sample designs we have attached. Those are just ideas, and we are very open to rebranding the logo. We are pretty sure about our corporate color of Regal or Velvet Red though. HINT: No using of stethoscopes, nursing or any medical symbols.NO using of RA initials inside the emblem. BUSINESS CARD INFO: Slogan: Where Nurses Excel Ryan DeLeon Program Manager 1-323-205-8947 success@rachellallen.net www.rachellallen.com Chicago. Las Vegas. Los Angeles. McAllen. New Jersey. New York. San Diego. San Francisco Bay Area BACK PAGE: OPEN FOR ANY DESIGN

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  • We are redesigning our website right now as well. To give you an idea of our corporate color, look and feel, you may check www.rachellallen.weebly.com. The website is a work in progress. We want Fresh ideas and innovative design - trustworthy, academic, unique from traditional school logos.
  • We'd like to sincerely thank you for submitting an entry! We see your expertise and execution in design - its very neat and clean. Although you have captured the regal look, royalty and the prestige feel, the cross and the lion do not represent what we have.
    • I've made a new design #38. take a look . Any feedback? What kind of symbol elements represents what you do? E.g. graduation hat, graduation certificate, book , flame torch etc.

    • I am not sure if you have seen the attached file on the brief. Its a mystifying element that describes success, wisdom and knowledge. The crown used is too elaborate, the simple the better. A crown that we can draw in mind will be better.

  • Thank you so much for sending an entry! We very much appreciate your participation! We like the color, simplicity, font used.
    • GJR

      Thank you for your feedback - I'm glad you like the logo I have designed for you. I am working on your business card design currently and will submit it later today. Thank you!

    • To better guide all entries, we posted an important reminder above. It will be helpful if you all read it.

    • GJR

      Thank you - I'll revisit the logo design! If you provide ratings for entries then it will help us designers to gauge whether we are going in the right direction or not. Many Thanks.

    • Per your request, our team has rated the entries. FYI, We all agreed that having RA initials inside the emblem is something that we are not looking for. Rachell is spelled with 2 LLs too.

    • GJR

      many thanks for your feedback and rating. Sorry for the spelling mistake, I will correct that on my next entry. Thank you.

  • Hello Lizy! Thank you so much for posting the first entry. We slightly revised the brief, so if you are interested, please read the edited brief. We very much appreciate your participation!
    • Hello RachellAllen, Thank you for the feedback. I just submitted a second design #4. Hope you like it!

    • |--|

      lizyquijano {*wrote*}:
      Hello RachellAllen, Thank you for the feedback. I just submitted a second design #4. Hope you like it!
      |--| Hi! Thank you so much for sending another entry. Such a big improvement from the first entry. We noticed there are two logo variations that you submitted. The lower right one with one font size is preferred than the upper left one. The new design is simple, clean and regal.

    • |--|

      rachellallenusa {*wrote*}:
      Hi! Thank you so much for sending another entry. Such a big improvement from the first entry. We noticed there are two logo variations that you submitted. The lower right one with one font size is preferred than the upper left one. The new design is simple, clean and regal.
      |--| Hi RachellAllen!.. I am glad you liked the new design!! .#4 I will submit the same design but focusing in the variation of the logo you prefer. lizyq

    • Although we like Rachell Allen below the emblem, we also need a logo with the Rachell Allen to the right of the emblem.

    • Hi! Just uploaded a new variation #20 with both the logo with the name to the right and with the name at the bottom. Used both "professionals" and "where nurses excel" and with out it, but can be changed do to your request. Hope you like it. Lizy

  • Thank you very much for submitting an entry!
  • IMPORTANT REMINDER: Thank you very much for submitting your entries! here's a quick guide to better understand what we are looking for: 1. Please read the brief carefully. 2. We are not really keen on seeing our initials RA inside the logo. 3. A modern version of a traditional school emblem is what we are looking for. 4. You may use regal red and if you wanna incorporate royal blue or gray its also ok. 5. A symbolic simple, elegant, crown for both a queen and a king. ( meaning a neutral crown for both men and women)
  • Thank you very much for sending another entry. This is a much better version of the first entry. We feel the effort, the persistence and the willingness to excel in this entry.
  • We'd like to thank you for taking time to submit your entry and wish everyone the best.
  • Hi Alipsat! Thank you so much for sending your entry! It is great to see different concepts from creative people like you! Good Luck to all!
    • you're welcome.. i made new "fresh" logo style for you ,i hope you like it ..thanks :)

    • Each entry is much appreciated! They are all unique and special in their own way.

  • REMINDER: Remember that the focus of this contest is the LOGO because that will be the identity of our brand. We wanna see how you plan to use the logo on a business card. We are not keen on using any medical symbols as we plan to expand in other areas in the future.
  • Hi Poljaluag! Thank you so much for submitting your entry! We very much appreciate your participation. We will announce the winner after 5 days!
    • Hello Rachel Allen, Thank so much for the feedback and it's highly appreciated. More Power to you. Poljaluag

  • We LOVE how you "hiddenly" placed that book below the crown! That was intelligent!
    • Thank you. Here is another update, with "streamlined" crown, so it fits more nicely with the shield lines - #88

    • ...and another card application with latest logo, with a few slightly different color combinations - #95, #96, #97 & #109

  • Thank you very much for explaining the idea of your design. We appreciate the uniqueness, and the thought behind it. We love those books but not sure about idea of the circle around it. Four books means "death" in Chinese Feng Shui. While we do not necessarily follow Feng Shui, some of our clients may.
    • ;) with such approach many designs could be interpret differently.well, this is your contest and money.

    • BTW, The Chinese believe that the number four is bad (not four books) because it sounds the same as death, but this is just a superstition, similar perhaps to the western superstition of Friday the 13th. Classical Feng Shui deals with Forms (Mountains and Water in the correct direction) and the influence of time

  • Hi! Used a different crown on designs #86 and #87 and altered the crest/emlemb.
  • Thank you very much for sending the entry! We very much appreciate your participation!
    • Is there anything I could do to improve my design?

    • Your willingness to improve is something that you should keep up! By observing the winners in this online site, you'll see why they win. Try to understand the clients' need, their products or services, their vision and align the design to what pleases their emotions.

    • could you critique my entry to give me a better idea?

  • Hi! Uploaded #84 just a variation of colors. :) thanx!
  • Hi! uploaded #83 slightly alike but the crest is smaller and has more symmetry within the name and the crest.
  • Well designed. Clean. Professional. Regal. Just be careful with the shape coz it looks like its pointing down. Most businesses wanna point up to signify growth and progress.
    • Thank you! I understand what you mean, I will do some changes to the shape to point more up.

    • I made a new design #79. New royal crest and crown

  • Announcement: We will choose the 3 best designs to vie for the gold, silver and bronze. The Rachell Allen Management and selected clients will then vote for the eventual winner. Our heartfelt gratitude to all of you!
  • Dear Designers! Thank you so much for sending your entries! We are all very close to seeing that 100% design that we wanna achieve. Please understand that we are NOT designers ourselves that is why we are running the contest. Hence, we cannot 100% tell you exactly what we want. But once, we see it, we would know 100% its the perfect one! We have decided to eliminate as many as we could so we could direct all participants to truly understand what we are looking for, and that does not mean the design was awful, it just meant, it was not the most suitable logo in our opinion.