Silver Service Electrical Pty Ltd

never used design contest before, the support was great. very happy with chosen designer

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Winning design #68 by Fabio Piscicelli, Logo and Business Card Design for Silver Service Electrical Pty Ltd Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Fabio Piscicelli

Project description

We are an electrical contractor in Western Australia, starting a company. Our objective is to be known as a reliable and honest company, providing outstanding service. Targeting the domestic market, and small industrial.

We will need a design for a vehicle and webpage in the future.

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  • SSE-12

    Here's the update with the original "SS plug" icon – I've also changed the color of the spark inside the emblem from blue to silver, to match the one on the main text layout. #90
    • @Fabio Piscicelli we have selected you as the contest winner , but I accidentally chose design no.68 but we would like to use your latest design. SSE12

    • @stuartwardle Of course, it's no issue. I'll provide variations as I generally do (in gradients and effects, in solid colors, in grayscale, in all white, etc) and any other extra you'd like, besides logo, emblem and business cards.

  • SSE-10

    In this update, I've restyled the main text in solid colors and reduced the sheen effect from an opacity of 20% to one of 15%; see if you like it that way or if you'd like the opacity reduced more or if you'd like to remove all gradients and sheen effects.

    I've also modded the icon with a rotated plug and adapted wire cable; see if that's how you intend it to look.

    If you don't have a definite EC number (which I've removed of the framing) when the contest will close, we can still move on to the finalization process and apply all the necessary changes and adjustments without having to extend the contest. #87
    • @Fabio Piscicelli thanks for that change. We like the EC number without the boarder and the color of the lettering but can you change the plug on the icon back to the way it was

    • @stuartwardle Wise move: I too think the plug position is better the way it was, since it's dynamic and projected upwards.

  • SSE-11

    Business card print preview. #88
  • please remove the border from the EC number.

    Can you change the font to a solid color rather than have the shine through the center.

    Please rotate the aussie plug clockwise so the pin closest to the star sits at 6 O'clock.

    thank you
    • About #68, @stuartwardle Sure; will you then want an all-solid color scheme for the icon as well? 

    • @Fabio Piscicelli not too sure yet just want to see what the solid color would look like first. Could you also put biz card on a realistic background like n0. 55 or 18. Thanks

  • can we see a realistic back ground behind the business card like #55 or 18
    thanks #68
  • check please... #82
  • first choose the logo than I will give business card #75
  • Card of my second entry #74
  • My second logo design #73
  • the business card design of my entry #72
  • I really hope you like it :) #71
  • Hi,. Mr..
    Please feedback my design,. Thanks #69
  • SSE-9

    Here's an alternative business card layout, if you like it better. I've also restyled the silver spark accent as requested. #68
  • SSE-8

    Update with both text logo and emblem on the back of the card, plus a website address tagline. Front of card rearranged. #66
    • @Fabio Piscicelli not to sure what it is but the business card design isn't quite what we are looking for, any ideas? Also could we try making the spark under the word Silver, a silver or Chrome color Thanks

    • @stuartwardle Up to you; I thought you liked the draft layout for the biz card. Silver/chrome spark, sure.

  • SSE-7

    See how you like this update featuring a stylized Australian plug within the emblem and paired with the text logo accented by the spark. In the business card layout, the wiring element is removed to avoid redundancy. #57
    • @Fabio Piscicelli very happy with the addition of the plug to the emblem. Could we rearrange the business card to have both the emblem and the text logo on one side with wedsite details. And on the back have contact details.

    • @stuartwardle Good. Sure, update coming up; do you have a web domain already?

    • @Fabio Piscicelli yes we do should have mentioned before its

  • On the business card designs #55
  • Very professional design
  • Hi could we just see what a Australian plug would look like instead of the star shape on the logo and the line under the lettering.

    The second image on the above page is what
    I'm referring to.

    Thanks #32
    • About #32, @stuartwardle Sure, I'll prepare an aussie plug version.

      As far as the EC code tag, do you want to go with the variant in the SSE-5 draft?

    • @Fabio Piscicelli yes go with sse-5. Did the eBay link i posted make sense what i am thinking of.

  • BizCard #39
  • Hello... @stuartwardle, Nice to take apart in your contest. Please see my first proposal. I hope you like it. Thanks. #38