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Winning design #275 by sodikamad90, Logo and Business Card Design for SINATEC Contest
Gold Medal

designed by sodikamad90

Project description

IT solutions, consulting services, project implementations and network architecture

Main name for the company: SINATEC 
You can add the word "Solutions" in small font as the official name is "Sinai Tech Solutions (if you put it)

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  • you like this, sir? #275
  • About #273, @sodikamad90 ... Can u provide the letterhead and logo layout?
  • About #259, @lisaart 1 more request, can you put SOLUTIONS on the right side and the rest to be line? Instead of being centred? Thanks
  • About #218, @tasminsebaba Hi, I would like to do 1 more modification: the E should be 1 bar and 2 connected. Can you send me the full set (Cards, letterheads and envelops)? Thanks
  • Can you please advise how the letterhead will look like?
    Can I use the A to be the main company sign? #203
    • hello @ahmediamer, your letterhead look like #265 A to be the main company sign #266 please check this

  • A to be the main company sign in this entry as you like to see plz see this. #266
  • letterhead will look like this with A sign as you want to see.check this please #265
  • You like this, sir? #261
  • I am sorry - But the N is like the Nespresso. Thanks #256
  • Did you have a chance to check on the T? #233
  • Hi @ahmediamer,
    please check this and provide feedback.thanks #258
  • If you can provide me with a different T, that will be helpful to decide. Thanks #232
  • how about this sir ? #255
  • About #234, @sodikamad90 The T is like randstad canada ""
  • What will be the main brand sign? And how the letterhead will look like? #218
    • hi @ahmediamer, check this entry #247 .i hope you find your main brand sign.

  • hello @ahmediamer,
    here is an another entry with your brand sign as you like to see.please check this entry.
    thanks #247
  • Please check and feedback... #244
  • please chek my revision #243
  • ? #239
  • ? #238