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Thanks to all the designers for their great work. Too bad we can't pick a dozen winners. It has been an incredibly exciting week checking on the designs. Thanks @illusion for the unique logo. Next time again!


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Winning design #286 by illusion, Logo and Business Card Design for Smart Residence Contest
Gold Medal

designed by illusion

Project description

We are a start-up company providing smart home solutions for mid to high-class customers.

The company name is ›Smart Residence GmbH‹ (the ›GmbH‹ is not to be represented in the logo itself), the slogan will be ›Home tailored to you‹. Feel free to decide if it needs to be added or can be left out.

The Logo is supposed to be a minimalist, sleek and straight-forward design to emphasis the reliable, high quality work we are seeking to provide (the style of the ›Cinema Valley Production‹ logo is what we are after).

It will be mostly used on the collar of white or black button-down shirts of our retail unit and on the back of the vests the installation unit is wearing, which might make a wide design preferable.

Furthermore the Logo will be used for all standard office applications: Letterheads, business cards, etc.

Hint: We will be offering smart home services in following categories: Light (including shaders), Temperature Control, Multimedia (audio and video control), Security/Surveillance, Outdoor (pools & watering systems), Family (who is where, customized calendars based on who is home, etc.), Health (easy ambulance access, smart emergency call) and Communication (Intercom).

It is NOT NECESSARY to implement these categories in the Logo! If you do not think it fits the style just leave it out! It is just a random idea we had.

The business card is supposed to be on a dull, grey to deep black background (if you think you can convince us otherwise, please give it a try!). The given example with the golden font looked quite cool (Creative FC). The design should consider both sides of the card. We like the idea with the QR-Code. It should follow the ›less is more‹ principle.

Thank you very much for your participation.

We are looking forward to your amazing designs!

Update #1

It seems our "Like"-Examples are leading up to some glossy designs with a lot of gold. We are more into a flat, non-glossy look.
We love the gold on the dark background of the business card, though.

Update #2

I just found the "Innovative Fitness" Business Card Design created in another Contest by ramelan550 (We uploaded it to the 'Like' Section).
Apart from the brilliant Logo Design we encourage you to take a close look at the structure of the Business Card. This is exactly the style we like!

Update #3

We have a lot of great designs by now! We would like to encourage you to forget about the Brief for a moment. Think of colors that YOU'd like to see.

Take a last look at our 'Like' examples and then just get creative. Don't let yourself be limited by the Brief. You are designers, you have a feel for how things should look. So don't think about what WE like, think about what YOU like. Thank you for the great work so far.

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  • New font n sample business card #258
  • This business card design looks really cool!!! Thank you! #234
  • Hope this one is more suitable. #249
  • Please feedback my design,.
    Thank you,. #247
  • Please feedback my design,.
    Thank you,. #243
  • Color variation of #232 #233
  • Hi,

    As per your design brief I have envisioned this logo.
    Any comments/suggestions are welcome to improve this design.

    Thanks for your time,
    eshtiyak. #232
  • Please check my deisgn,.
    Thank you,. #206
  • Please check my deisgn,.
    Thank you,. #205
  • About #176, @wongdewek please combine this design with the font style you used in #156 - the font in this one is a bit too ordinary

    • About #176, @senk
      thanks for the comment on my design ,. I'll fix the design according to your wishes ,.

    • About #176, @senk
      thanks for the comment on my design ,. I'll fix the design according to your wishes ,.

  • Thank you very much. We love the design. Could you create a template for the reverse side of the card? We would also appreciate the same design but with a dark background and maybe our slogan underneath. Beyond that the color is a bit too much into pink. Maybe you can make it more purple or give green a try!
    Thank you in advance. #35
    • About #35, @senk hello sir sorry and please check #201

  • PLEASE Feedback my design,.
    Thank you,. #198
  • PLEASE Feedback my design,.
    Thank you,. #197
  • PLEASE Feedback my design,.
    Thank you,. #196
  • About #193, @elok Thank you! This looks better :)
  • About #188, @alefanmu please try a version where the windows are green. Switch the purple to a bright blue.

    Do you see a way to make a vertical design?

    Please proceed with this business card design! It's great :)
  • About #182, @illusion and please do something about the font.. it doesn't stand out. Maybe you have a great idea.

    And please put the postal address and the website on the left site. Right side for personal details only: name job title, mobile, email.

    Thank you :)
  • About #182, @illusion Sweet!!
    Please implement our slogan in a cool font. Can you replace the purple with a stylish blue?
    Do you see subtle way to implement our initials into the logo itself? If not please leave it the way it is!!!

    Thank you for the great work!
  • check it :) #186
  • how about this ? #185