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Winning design #76 by friendnand, Logo and Business Card Design for T.W. Machine Service, Inc. Contest
Gold Medal

designed by friendnand

Project description

T.W. Machine Service was founded almost 32 years ago. T.W. Machine Service repairs die cast and injection molding machines for companies around the US but mainly the Midwest and Chicago-land area. When it started, it focused on traditional repairs and as manufacturing changed to more automated design, the owner adapted his services to include programming of robotics, development of electrical systems, tables and control boxes to run the complex systems and machines. It is a small business but built on the foundation of honesty, character, and fair pricing. For 30 years, the founder never had a website or even a business card! It's all been word of mouth. He put 5 kids through school and gave his family a stable foundation. His daughter grew up to be a business owner herself of a global corporation and is now wanting to give back to her Dad and the company that afforded her the opportunities to be successful and fulfill her dreams. This logo, business card and ultimately website design is a gift to Dad... to help him grow his company for a promise of retirement. Thanks for being a part of the process. Please feel free to let your creativity out. The only logo that ever existed included a basic "physics" symbol before the company name. It's time to have fun and bring a company to life!

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  • hi kwright, i just submitted #75 & #76, with your preferred colors. #77 & #78 with the gray to stand out on dark background & its version on light background without changing its colors #79 & #80. reviewing your comments, i assume, your choices will likely go with these numbers: #75, #76, #77 & #78. please check. i hope you like it. thank you
  • Hi - the gray needs to be the lighter sharper gray that you used for "Tom Wiznerowicz" the darker gray isn't standing out. I understand that it will be a different gray for a white background vs black. #71
    • @kwright hi, i just submitted #73 & #74. please check. thank you

  • Hi! I'm sorry for so much confusion. Still missing the job title "Chairman and CEO" to be in red... #72
  • Please change the job titles back to the color font. Thanks! Going to bed here... look forward to seeing your work when I wake up. Thanks again! #68
    • @kwright hi, good morning :) here are the newest versions of the design #69 #70 #71 & #72. please check. thank you

  • Thanks... so sorry to be picky. But I'd like to keep the title in blue. Just need all the type font of the phone numbers, emails, websites and addresses to be bigger. They are small and have more space to grow. Thanks and good morning! #66
    • @kwright it's okay. here, i submitted #68, please check. thank you

  • Also need a font size increase on this. I still like this darker gray the best. Let's use this as the basis on the white. Thanks! #55
  • Hi! Can you change all the font to the same color as his name? Same on the red please? #61
  • I definitely like this darker gray better.... can we try making the font of the phone numbers, emails and address slightly bigger. For the red & blue on both black and white. Keri #55
  • I think it's still too dark - no? I think we need to get back to closer to your original design to do the inverse. And make the white background version witha gray contrast - what do you think? #59
    • @kwright hi, how about these? #60 & #61. i think they look great. these colors of the logo can go on either light or dark background. please check. thank you

    • on white #62 & #63 using the same colors from #60, #61 for the logo. only the name & infos are changed, from the 2 tone of gray of the logo. light gray on black & dark gray on white. please check. thank you

  • hi, i submitted #53, please check. thank you
    • @friendnand I really like it! Can you push "Richmond" to the right 1 space please? So... two more things. 1) Can you do the same with the red version of that logo. Same gray. 2) Can you create the inversion of both to go on a black card?

    • @kwright submitted. please check & we'll fix if there's any more tweaks you want. thank you

    • i just submitted those to show you what they look like on black w/o changing the original color. we can make a lighter shade if you want to. thank you

    • @friendnand thanks... i like the black a lot but I think you're right - the gray is too dark now. Need something lighter so you can see the font.

    • @kwright yes, i'm working on it. thank you

    • @kwright just submitted the revisions. please check. thank you

  • About #51, @friendnand love it! Please format the address as follows: 4501 D. Kuhn Rd. Richmond, IL 60071
    • @kwright you mean i'll make it one line? thank you

    • @friendnand no.. make it on two lines. Richmond, IL 60071 is the second line.

  • About #51, @friendnand Formatting on the Cell as well (847) 404-0687
  • i really like this one... we're getting close! #50
  • About #47, @friendnand Can we get even darker on the gray? Alsmost as dark as the gray background you did in #7
    • @kwright yes, sure. so do you have preferred font? so i can pick your better choice? thank you

  • Hey - I really like your logo. Can you put some options up that would include red, but would work on white stationary. Then also, same logo, but in blue? Thanks! Hoping to finalize this this weekend. #36
    • @kwright hi, here are the versions you requested #45 & #46, please check. if you have any more requests please tell me. i'll be glad working on it. thank you

    • @friendnand Hi! Thanks for your prompt response. I just gave you several items of feedback - I look forward to seeing what you create. I'm looking for more industrial gray instead of black... Are you in the Philippines? I was just there a week ago... Manila and Clark Air Force Base.

    • @kwright wow, that's nice, you mean in pampanga? i'm right here :D ok, i'll do your request now. thank you

    • @friendnand My mother in law was born in pampanga.

    • @kwright wow, we could have met by then, hehe :D

    • @friendnand Can we also try a slightly different font once we get the color right? It's hard to read the name.... I think its a little too bold, or perhaps its the "all CAPS" that makes it difficult. I'm not sure.

    • @kwright okay, i'll make some font options. thank you

  • Hi - that's definitely better.... can we try something with an industrial gray instead of black? I also liked it better with the red on the bottom vs top. Can you try that? #45
    • @kwright yes, sure. i'll work on that. please bear with me. thank you

    • @friendnand no problem!

  • 4501 D. Kuhn Rd. Richmond, IL 60071 O: (815) 675-2761 C: 847-404-0687 #46
  • same on this one... can we put industrial gray and color on the bottom? Let's start putting more real data in as well.... www.twmachineservice.com tom@twmachineservice.com #46
  • Not an orange fan...can you try with blue and another with red please? Industrial gray in the logo is great... #33
  • i like the font... the logo would be better with a bit more of a updated look. Can you please edit? #21