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Winning design #146 by MissLara, Logo and Business Card Design for TechnoSeed  Contest
Gold Medal

designed by MissLara

Project description

My company will be selling Software solutions,  Cloud Solutions,  Mobile solutions.. Information and communication services and solutions ..Technologies 

I want you to put a slogan under the Logo with a small font size to be part of the Logo ( Where Technology Beats ) lets try it, if it wasn't as expected then we can remove it 

NOTE: Dear Designers, i want you to work on both The Logo and The business card...the business card needs to be on both sides design with some fake data ( Email, Phone number, name, etc )  just to have an idea how it will look like when printed with real info 

Please lets submit the logo and the business card together we work on both 

Dear Designers..i see many designs with the same concept and same font even and same colors ..please lets see something new, something creative 

Many Thanks and good luck 

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  • dear sir any feedback please and any changes you would like to see so please ask i'm here to give you whatever you want.thanks
    Best Regards!!!
  • #267 dear contest holder how is this one ???
  • #264 #263 #261 please check . .
  • About #250, @MissLara i still prefer #222 ..if you notice..check #250 and #222 will find that the logo above the contact info is not the same #222 is bigger and better i will go with #222 as the business card option
    • @TechnoSeed okay sir you may

    • @TechnoSeed dear sir i understood whatever you're explaining feel free i will just improve it thanks for explaining

    • @TechnoSeed check these #253 #252

    • @TechnoSeed dear sir any feedback please??

    • @TechnoSeed dear sir any feedback please??

    • @MissLara i made full rating ..any better feedback :) .very good

      But i want to see the name in one line ..not two lines ...the name then the title under it ...and the first name and family name one color ( without the blue )

  • this simple logo
    thanks #254
  • dear sir any changing which you want to see??
  • dear sir can you please check it #250
  • do you think we should give more space for the name and title ?? a little bit more ..can we do this ..but leave this design so i compare ..dont remove #222 #222
    • @TechnoSeed dear sir can you tell me the name so i will show it thanks Reagrds!!

    • @MissLara Try this : Name: Hayehryuatt adarwtshddell Title : Sales & Business Development Director

    • @TechnoSeed sure sir!!

  • dear contest holder,
    can you please check these which you wanted to see thanks!!
    #233 #232 #230
    • @MissLara lovely.. Thanks

    • @TechnoSeed it's my pleasure any other changes which you wanna see??

  • other concept #236
  • this one is #146 logo ?? right ?? #223
    • @TechnoSeed yes!

    • @MissLara First i would like to thank you so much for your i have #222 as a business card and #146 as a logo ... i wanna consult my family and friends and get back to you by tomorrow maximum after tomorrow ... is this OK

    • @TechnoSeed sure sir as you wish thank you so much !!! Regards!!

    • @MissLara one question ..can i ??

    • @TechnoSeed yeah you can

    • @MissLara Lets assume i will take your designs i take all logo and business cards details ( color number, font size and name , etc ) so i can change names or spaces as needed ??

    • @TechnoSeed yes sir why not i will provide all the things which want

    • @MissLara many Thanks ..will be in touch soon the way where are you from ?? if i may ask

    • @TechnoSeed yeah you may i'm from pakistan

    • @MissLara Many thanks ...will send you soon

    • @TechnoSeed no need of thanks it's my duty to give my best

    • @MissLara i still believe that long names will face a problem in the dark area..but anyways when i decide we can check that ..nothing for now

    • @TechnoSeed no i'm here i'll also provide you with the name that's not a problem sir

    • @MissLara can you put the agreed logo #146 on a paper like #45..just to see how it looks before I leave

      And can also seeour agreed logo on a dark glass similar to something u made 2 days ago ( company entrance) and also I would like to see it on leather... Many thanks.. I would like to see those 3 entries when u can

    • @TechnoSeed sure sir i will show you thank you so much for giving me feedback.

  • can i see some more concepts please #16
    • About #16, @TechnoSeed sorry, whether you only need a logo typography is not the icon, thanks

    • About #16, @TechnoSeed sorry, whether you only need a logo typography is not the icon, thanks

  • can i see more options for business cards please #114
    • About #114, @TechnoSeed okay.some variations have submitted.thanks for feedback.

  • Hello sir can you check and feedback for my entries ? thank you #224
  • About #222, @MissLara Perfect ...the black area for the name and title already expanded here ?? just asking we close the business card subject here ?
    • @TechnoSeed so now i mean next what should i do for you ??

    • @MissLara Just answer me so i tell whats next ...this #222 has the expanded space for the name and title ??

    • @TechnoSeed yes sir!!

    • @MissLara now can i have the logo alone on a peace of paper ..u sent me something like this before ..just to see how it will appear on my papers

    • @TechnoSeed sure sir

  • is this gray the same on #146 ?? cuz i like the gray color on #146 #220
    • @TechnoSeed no #146 is darker and #220 is lighter

    • @MissLara i want the gray on #146 ...not the #220 ...on business cards logo and info letters and the logo it self i want keep the 146# so far

    • @TechnoSeed okay i will show it too on bussiness card

  • About #220, @MissLara this seems lighter !! i want the gray on #146 to mbe the gray color used ion everything
  • dear sir can you please check the changes??
    • @MissLara My question the gray color on the business card the same one on #146 ..cuz thats the gary color i want ..the ine on #146 to be implemented in on all

  • About #146, @MissLara thats the gray color i want to see in the last business card you made #216
    • @TechnoSeed okay i will show you thanks again

  • About #218, @MissLara last more..the icons to make them same color as the frame icons below .. make them as they were
    • About #218, @TechnoSeed sure!!