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I was pleased with the amount of submissions I recieved. Most of the designers produced good designs and were open to suggestions.

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Winning design #335 by imranDesigner4u, Logo and Business Card Design for Value Mart Pharmacy Contest
Gold Medal

designed by imranDesigner4u

Project description

Value Mart Pharmacy is an independently owned pharmacy. Our direct competitors include chain pharmacies such as CVS, Walgreens, and Rite Aid. We are in the process of a complete renovation and rebranding of our pharmacy and are in need of a clean/modern/simple logo. The main purpose of this project is to find a design we can create into a large LED sign and use for our signage in the front of our store. The logo needs to be simple as we need it to be eye catching and easily noticed by drivers passing by. 

Our store color is a vibrant royal blue. The colors included in the name/logo should be royal blue and white, but if you can find a way to throw in a splash of orange that would be interesting (the town we are located in is called Orange). 

We are open to creative logo designs but mainly would like to see logos involving: mortar and pestle (the symbol of pharmacy) or capsules (two toned). Please google what a mortar and pestle is if you are unsure what it is. A mortar and pestle was a tool used to crush drug ingredients years ago. A mortar is a bowl and a pestle is a tool used to crush/grind ingredients against the bowl. Please find a creative way to add this into your logos.  

Ideally we would like each designer to design 1 logo involving a mortar and pestle, and 1 logo using your creative freedom. 

For the business card we need basic business info: name, address, telephone #, and fax #. Also a space for personal information such as for the owners and pharmacists: name and title. 

We like simple fonts like helvetica, and are open to other similar fonts. 

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  • We love #2! That's it! Thank you for creating those 3 different versions to make sure we made the right choice. No need to extend the competition now, we are finally happy with the way it looks. Please make a business card with #2 as you did in #333. Also please create a total package as you did in #329. Thank you for all your hard work! #331
    • @brianhyunsung sure I am on it. And thanks for your appreciation it means a lot :) ok

    • @imranDesigner4u Can you also do the same for #3? Both #2 and #3 look really good, and its hard to decide on those two. Which do you prefer?

    • @brianhyunsung Sorry, but I think we've switched our minds to #3. In 3, the V and M are more similar in size. Please make final versions of both #2 and #3 so we can make the final decision after the photo rendering. Thanks!

    • @brianhyunsung preparing both versions with #2 and #3.

    • @brianhyunsung As for my openion I Like size #3.

    • @brianhyunsung I will provide both sizes of logos, so you can use and have both versions with the source files. Also if you need any kind of small adjustments we can do that as well during the files handover process.

    • @imranDesigner4u Sounds great. We will end the contest shortly. I will think of any small adjustments, but as of now I have none.

  • About #336, @imranDesigner4u
    here is the full presentation for the #2 size logo
  • About #334, @imranDesigner4u
    Here is the card design with the #2 size logo.
  • here is the full presentation with #3 size logo.
  • Here is the card design with the #3 size logo.
  • Hi, Here is the updated version of the card, one side made totally white.
    Also I will replace the logo on the card when finalized from the M and V aspect.

    Anything else… let me know. I am here. #333
  • Hi, Here are the three different options with the V stretched down with small increments and their comparison with the original one. I have placed the numbers on each one, please mention with numbers which one do you like and if there is any other modification to make.

    Thanks. #331
  • For the final adjustments on the business card:

    The side with the split colors is perfect.

    The blue side needs to be changed. Our logo in its original colors will not be able to stand out against the blue background.
    1) Make the background on that side white.
    2) Use the regular colors for our logo,
    3) Change the color of VALUE MART PHARMACY to blue. #326
  • About #323, @brianhyunsung
    Please mention which card design you like so I can make adjustments to that card
    • @imranDesigner4u We like the business card design #326 the best. We like #328 the best for our logo but have one more request. In an effort to make the V just a tiny bit larger and less stretched out, can you drop the middle of the V slightly? When i say slightly i mean very very slightly. We do not want to lower the middle of the M much, but by lowering it just a tiny bit maybe a millimeter or so, we think that may help the overall logo. If you are not able to make the corrections by the end of the competition, we will have to extend the competition by another week. We are motivated to create the perfect logo and these fine details matter to us, thank you!

    • @brianhyunsung @brianhyunsung sure no problem, I am on it.

  • #330 I am ready if there are many changes
  • About #323, @imranDesigner4u

    Here are the different card designs #317#318#319#320#321#322. The entire presentation coming up with the two logo variations.
    • @imranDesigner4u for the business card on the blue side, put a white outline around the mortar and pestle and use the regular colors. The logo must be consistent with the colors. Yes we like the adjustments you made, thank you

  • We would like the V and M to be equally noticable. #307
    • @brianhyunsung Please check my new submission.

  • These are the types of logos we want, but this version is not our favorite
  • Your feedback is greatly appreciated. Thank You #310
  • About #305, all the three(one old and the two new revisions) versions in comparison with one another to give a better understanding. Also please note that I will provide all the versions if required.

    • @imranDesigner4u Thank you. We'd like both versions of the newly adjusted pointy version #302 and the original rounded version #258.
      We'd also like to see if you can make an adjustment on #302 to make the V and M more evenly sized. The M looks larger than the V and we wanted to see if we can even it out without having to lower the middle section.

  • Thank you. The middle design ended up looking too wavy. Please refer to my comments on #304 for what we'd like. #305
  • About #303, @imranDesigner4u
    Thank you, I think this version with the lifted center is much nicer compared to the original pointy one. Is it possible to make the V a little larger, to make it more evenly sized compared to the M? If this is not possible, attempt to make #258 less round.

    Also can you submit your final business card design. We liked the one that you did for #259 we just have some adjustments.

    1) Make the front of the card have a white background and make the logo with the original colors.
    2) We want VALUE MART PHARMACY to be all in blue. Also make the word PHARMACY the same font/size as VALUE MART.
    3) On the back side with the split colors, leave the same. However change the color of VALUE MART PHARMACY to blue and use 1 uniform font/size.

    As the competition is coming to a close, we like your logos the best. Please complete these final adjustments and provide two versions of the business card. One version with the new adjusted pointy version in #302, and one of the rounded version in #258.
    • About #303,
      But please try to attempt to adjust the size of the V to be a little larger. If you can't figure out another way, try to lower the middle part of the V just a little, not all the way to the bottom of the mortar. If it is possible, it will be the perfect design. The only thing we dont love about this design is that the M is slightly overpowering the V.

  • About #303,
    Second version with the sharp V and M. lifted the centered point upward as you suggested.
  • About #301, Hi,
    Sorry I was busy in another project and could get back earlier.

    Here is the round version with the top of the v made more round. The design only allows so much round as going beyond this point makes its vague.

    Let me know what you think.

  • new #296