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We are an aquatics company focusing on reef and saltwater fish, although we are also covering freshwater. *This contest is for logo and business card* We are minimalist, love clownfish, love regal tangs, simple is better. Want colors to be white, sea blue and we REALLY would like the logo to be around a clownfish alone or WITH one of these: dory (regal tang) or a yellow tang or moorish idol. MAYBE even include some coral or something as a minimalistic backdrop PS - don't need to use ALL the above fish :) Take a look at to see what we like

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  • Can you put a "containment" circle or tank or something around this design like number 14. Like clownfish in this one 20 but circle of 14
    • I've submitted #30 with the newest fish and added circle.

    • Looks great thanks! Ps I just got this from a friend and I wanted to pass onto you. Thoughts?? Morning! Love seing the logo process, and I know EVERYoNE has an opinion on it, but for what its worth I think your top right fish needs a little tweaking, rotated just a bit, his top fin is right on the border of the circle wnad blends in , the other 2 fish break the border so nicely! and the clown fish fin is a little disproportionate? look here i think its easier to show you what I mean... (Ps just FYI the design we choose we will be retaining the designer for a NUMBER of other things...)

    • I will certainly make those adjustments for you - which fin is disproportionate? I'm excited to get this just right for you all. It's been fun!

    • Think maybe the front fins? It's not that off :)

    • For #44 I have rotated the top right fish as well as switched up some of his fin colors so that they stand out better against the border. I also shrunk up the clownfish front fins slightly.

  • Love the circle concept but the whole feel of the clownfish is really wrong. Have a look for another vector
    • Okay, I'll go back to the drawing board with the clown fish. How do you feel about the other fish?

    • Others are good. Just need to be as anatomically correct as we can be :)

    • No problem, I can fix that up for you. I'll resubmit tomorrow.

    • |--|

      alistair1 {*wrote*}:
      Others are good. Just need to be as anatomically correct as we can be :)
      |--| Hi alistair1, I've resubmitted with #41. I created a new clown fish for you. Hopefully this one is more suitable. Let me know if you've got any other suggestions for changes :) Thanks for all your great feedback! -Kristi

  • hallo... CH... Please check my entri # 26 and # 27, Any feedback will be helpful. Thanks
    • We really do like 27 a lot too. It's our too two right now :) If you could even out the wording so the word villages isn't quite so lost that would be great!! Also let's try and make the wording bolder in a darker blue? The main logo will be on a sign seen from a mile away

  • This is awesome. Can you make the clownfish more whole (or like a fish rather than the wave/claw marks through it?) love the "completeness" of the other fish. You really get us. Keep an eye on the other stuff we like as I'm sure you'll be tweaking it too :)
    • Of course :) for #20 I went back to the original clown fish shape with a slight tweak. It's more closed up now like the other fish.

    • Love it. Number 1 so far

  • Like the typeface but feel like the fish is "trapped" in a tank too small for it
  • Too complicated
  • I hope I don't overwhelm you submitting 3 at once! #13 #14 and #15 - I wanted to show you two similar options as well as one that's more spread out that might be better suited for your sign. Let me know your thoughts on these. Thanks!
  • For #5 I have adjusted my fish drawing to be made of a series of wave shapes. Let me know what you think!
    • We really like what you do. That's cool... Can you have a go at maybe introducing a regal blue tang and maybe a moorish idol in there too? Like maybe all 3 on the logo? The main purpose of this logo is to go on a 10ft wide by 5 ft high illuminated sign so BOLD BOLD colors will look amazing

    • Absolutely! I will add those and have something for you again soon.

  • Like this concept. Can you make the fish look maybe a little less fat? lol. Maybe also make the wording darker blue like entry number 5. Maybe also include multiple fish like regal tang or others
    • Haha! Yes, I can definitely make the fish less fat. I'll also work on adding some other (not fat) fish in there. Let me know if you come up with any other changes you'd like to see. I'll resubmit soon. -Kristi

  • like the concept, clownfish needs to be more laterally focused and the colors need to REALLY pop... Make logo more about the fish rather than the wording... Clownfish should be the only thing yellow, love the wording in aqua blue
    • Sure - I'll make the adjustments and get back to you with a new submission. Thanks for the feedback!

    • You're very welcome!

  • Hi, Can you take a look to #46 and #51 please? Don't forget to write feedback. And the beauty of this contest is that you can work with a lot designers. So, use this well! Best, tet+
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      tet+ {*wrote*}:
      Hi, Can you take a look to #46 and #51 please? Don't forget to write feedback. And the beauty of this contest is that you can work with a lot designers. So, use this well! Best, tet+
      |--| typeface too small. fish too small. like the concepts but anatomically incorrect also

    • Hi, Thank you. I appreciate your feedback. I will work on something else. Back soon tet+

  • Hi CH. Just wondering if you feel I, or any other designer, should submit any further refinements? Comments suggest you may already have a winner in mind— it's a shame to see with so long left in the competition. Not to say your selection isn't a great logo, but there are lots of awesome designers on here that would love the opportunity to collaborate with you guys. You might have even found something that better fits your brief. Many Thanks, Elliot
    • Hi Elliot, We are ALWAYS open to more options and still long way from the end of hte competition. My PERSONAL opinion though is that if it is obvious to designers what style of logo and direction we want to go in, then why submit ones that clearly aren't in the same direction. It's like us saying yes we like green, green green we love green and then the designer getting upset when we reject his/her purple design... We are and will be open to all designs BUT a good designer will be able to clearly see the direction we are leaning towards and do something that "tops" it.

  • HI CH, I have just submitted my design, Hope you like my approach, #55
    • Thank you. We have decided to go in another direction. Thank you for your input though and wish you the best. BTW - VERY VERY clever use of the VA

  • Hey man, quick one - We are going to be launching an online version of the company doing online shipping too. Now this particular logo is very square in total design because of the wording. Would you mind having a go and an idea of how we would use the same logo concept BUT it would be for : Maybe we could go back to a more linear design for that particular one? Just throwing it out there because this is the by far winning design to date and I think we'll be working together in the future
    • I would love to - I am checking with the moderators now to see what the guidelines are regarding designing two logos for one contest. In the meantime, I have submitted #54 with that type change along with a possible business card design. Thanks!

    • Turns out that second logo option is something I cannot work on during this contest. However, if you would like to do a one-on-one design with me, that's always an option. Sorry for any inconvenience!

    • Not a problem at all!! I totally understand. But it's possible right that we can use the concept and transition it into the new one?

    • Absolutely! I love the idea of keeping the brand consistent.

    • Us too! Across the board

  • Sorry man. Also, We like the smaller tail on the clownfish on design 52, can you just update this design (with the smaller wording aquatics please) with the smaller tail too. We are still undecided whether "aquatics" needs to be same width as Villages or smaller like your original design. Thanks!
  • Can you please have a play with making the type face more visible? Bolder similar to design 52, 1, 44, 49 etc
  • To all designers *This contest is for logo and business card*
    • |--|

      sharie {*wrote*}:
      To all designers *This contest is for logo and business card*
      |--| Thanks Sharie!

  • The back fun on the clownfish is a little too large in proportion says my husband who is the fish guru
    • That would be ok with me! haha check out #52 - he's got a smaller tail now.

  • Hey man. Quick one. What do you think the words villages and aquatics would look like similar sizes?? We are just thinking maybe to make sure that aquatics stands out just the same as the word Villlages
    • Of course! #50 has the enlarged text. They aren't the same font size but carry the same visual weight at a distance.

  • Hi Alistair, thanks for the rating. I have submitted #12 #28 and #31 for your consideration. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again, Elliot :)
    • We love the typeface on 12 & 28. We don't like the graphic though :( our favorites so far are #27 and #30 if that helps you :)

    • Thank you for the feedback. I have submitted #49 for your consideration. I have tried to avoid using too many gradients, and opted for more of a 'flat' look as I'm aware you're after something fairly minimal :)