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Winning design #349 by ekosulisyanto74, Logo and Business Card Design for Vintage Capital  Contest
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designed by ekosulisyanto74

Project description

We lend money to individuals and entrepreneurs to purchase real estate for both residential and commercial projects, ranging from rehabs to ground up construction. We want our brand to appeal to sophisticated investors and also eager young developers of real estate.

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  • This design uses the letter V and C are combined as an icon and placed at the top. #348
    • About #348, @ekosulisyanto74 - We love your design and have chosen you to be the winner!!! I'd like to talk to you about business cards and colors and layout etc. as well. Are you open to that?

  • new sir #451
  • please check my design new idea #447
  • - #444
  • versin on silve hot foil application. #443
  • The idea is to portray classic businessman (consider that the name is Vintage Capital). Let me know your feedback to help me design on track. Thank you. #442
  • Hi, this one is sample of how the logo is being embossed on textured paper (for business card purposed) #441
  • Metallic Colorized Logo #433
  • Serious Bankerly Historic Logo #432
  • please comment,,
    thanks #425
  • New my design #347 i hope you like thank
  • Hi. I'm sending my logo proposal. I think you need a strong, clean logo, with nice contrast colors. The most important thing is that your logo must be dynamic just for your branding, you will see in my proposal that a did two logo applications that shows how your logo behaves in different backgrounds (white and blue). One of the most important things in a logo is the simplicity with which it has been made. So, I hope you like it. I will be waiting for your comments. Thanks have a nice day! #412
  • elegant and quality :)

    Please give me feedback #411
  • Logo #410
  • Logo #409
  • VC #396
  • VC #394
  • VC #393
  • VC #392
  • VC #391