Watchstone Wealth Management, LLC

I am happy with the process - the logo is good and the designer was very helpful to finalize a design.


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Winning design #18 by ilatmelet, Logo and Business Card Design for Watchstone Wealth Management, LLC Contest
Gold Medal

designed by ilatmelet

Project description

I am starting a wealth management company and need a logo that speaks of quality, stability and sober good judgment. It should be appropriate for a website, letterhead and business cards. 

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  • About #18, @ilatmelet this is probably the winner.
  • this one is looking better to me the more I look at it. It is a W, it is stockmarket related and has a little movement. Which I like. #18
  • could you put this one a card like #24 so I can see it? #18
  • About #50, @ilatmelet the vertical bars seem too static - I like the movement of the W with the arrow
  • About #32, @udrexzph can you put this on a business card so I can see what it looks like?
    • @dg13e, ok i'll change it sorry for that. thanks

    • @dg13e , ok i will. thanks

  • this is probably my favorite business card right now. I'm just not 100% sure about the W with the arrow. It might not be quite serious enough. #24
  • About #32, @udrexzph but change it to LLC, not LCC
  • About #33, @udrexzph I like the unusual logo and the font. it is LLC tho, not LCC
  • My new idea Please let me know your feedback and comment.. thank you #38
  • my second idea #37
  • My first logo idea #36
  • hi CH, I uploaded design #34 with a arrow. Please feedback. Thanks
  • looks like the right balance of text and graphic and white space #24
    • thank you for feedback. just tell me if there any change needed. About #24, @dg13e

  • hello dg13e, I uploaded new design #31. I hope you like it. Please feedback. Thank you.
  • whether this violates the rules of color.... #29
  • I hope you see the logo like it..... #28
  • the graphic is confusing - not sure what is going on there. #22
  • I see what you are doing with the W but it looks too busy to me. #21
  • not what I am looking for - the colors are hard to look at and the graphics not elegant #27
  • These look good - I like that they are formal yet there is some movement, and they arrow tells a good story and is related to the investment business. #24