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Winning design #20 by idanism, Logo and Business Card Design for www.HerbVacBags.com Contest
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designed by idanism

Project description

We need a logo and business cards for our vacuum sealer bag retail company. We have an established business called FoodVacBags.com that has a great logo. We are creating a sister company, but want this logo to be more earthy, flowing and have more of an organic feel.

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  • Like the water /leaf element. Could the leaf be more of a stem with smaller leaves - herbs? No top stem. The Brand is HerbVacBags (not fac) and those letters need capitalizing. If the underline were to stay, maybe it needs leaves? Or just remove it. Tag would need to be vacuum sealer bags (not bag).
    • Thank you very much for your feedback. This is my new concept #15 hope you like it :) Kind regards

  • Like that the Vac is a slightly different color to emphasize three parts. Also really like the notion of the V as a vine and the more modern look of this font. The shape itself is not herby enough, though. It's certainly an eye catching design.
  • This logo has some of the elements we'd like. If the green could be toned down, the circle made a bit tighter and the underline removed, that would be great. I like the many leaves as they have more of an herb feel. Think basil, oregano, thyme...could the .com stand out a bit more. Maybe same font, bigger.
  • Thank you. The font and color is nice. I like the blue 'roll' and herb within roll, but don't love the shape of the leaf - not herby enough. Also .com needs to be a more significant part of logo.
    • Thank you very much, this is #20 the update version of #15. Inspired by basil, oregano, or thyme, hope you like it :) Kind regards.

    • Wow. We love it. Can we see it in black and white (as it would print on invoices) and also a business card design using it. Thanks!

    • Thank you, i am glad you like it. This is the black and white version #25, and this is with flat green color #26 and this #27 with combination of three flat color, and how it will look like on dark background. I'm still working for the business card design and will upload it soon. kind regards. Update : a simple business card concept uploaded, hope you like it :)

  • Thanks. The green is better. You can't have jagged edge leaves and smooth leaves on same stem. Not natural. The smooth go with the writing, so I'd stick with those in small sizes. Still don't like the big one sticking out of side - it needs to go along stem line more like in #3. But I'm not sure if many leaves of varying sizes will look right. Also, needs one color pallet for leaves and lettering. Still too much neon on leaves.
  • Thanks for revision. I liked the flow of the original leaves better - more along the curved line then sticking out. If you could increase the number of small leaves - like an herb stem along that curve, that would be nice. Then tone down color to a natural/darker green. also skip the leaves on the B.
  • Copied existing design!!! http://chiptuning.fastremaps.com/; http://www.designcontest.com/logo-business-card-design/www.herbvacbags.com/entry/16/
  • Do not copy or use clipart! http://www.chemjet.us/index_html_files/1690.png; http://www.designcontest.com/logo-business-card-design/www.herbvacbags.com/entry/17/
  • we will try to improve our logo,,, #18 & #19 thank you for your comments to us
    • Thank you for your efforts. We are going in a different direction, but appreciate the work that you did. Thank you.

  • Nice. Can we make the text boxes editable with different size fonts, as we may just put a tagline in instead of the physical address. We are really internet based and that information isn't necessary. Just name, title, tagline, email, phone
    • Thank you, yup, the text on the right side is editable, you can change the font, the size, and the color. About the tagline, did you want to place the "vacuum sealer bags" tagline on the right side?

    • No, it's great where it is. I think it would be like 'all orders include free shipping' or 'bulk pricing available' or something like that.

    • Hello, This is the new concept #31 & #32, without the address and i adding more green and the tagline, please check it, thank you :)

  • hi CH, please check my entry #29 #30 #33 #34. Hope you like it. Hope im on track. Good luck
    • Thank you. We did like a number of elements in your design, but have decided to go with #20 as main logo. We appreciate your work, though!

    • ahh okay. so #20 already the one.. so no need to submit any entries here for us. since its against the guidelines to copy how the icon of #20s. Congrats and Good luck:-)

  • Nice, but maybe a little bigger font on the right side? We are printing on hemp paper...which may have a little bit if flecks or something in it. If the writing could be a bit larger/bolder it would work with that paper. Thanks. This will be the winner, along with your logo.
    • Hello, may i know what is the size of your business card? this is my design for 3,5 x 2 inch, my revision #41 i make the logo smaller and the font on the right side bigger, please check it, Thank you :) Kind regards

  • Thank you! We appreciate the different modifications to the card, but actually like the simplicity of this one. Can you do this one, but remove the address field? Maybe make other fonts a tiny bit bigger?
    • Hello Cecile, i am agree with you, the simplicity always appear nice and look professional. This is the revision #40, I make the logo little bit bigger, also the font for the name and the title. hope you like it, please ask if you have another improvement :) Kind regards

  • Could we also get jpegs of the logo? Thanks, Love It!