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Winning design #189 by SixElevenDesign, Logo Design for 100 Black Men of Greater Beaumont Contest
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designed by SixElevenDesign

Project description

Name: 100 Black Men of Greater Beaumont Organization: We are an all volunteer nonprofit organization that seeks to help improve the quality of life within our communities, enhance educational and economic opportunities for all African Americans. We would like to keep in idea of mentoring, but we are open to all ideas. A more clean and modern logo than our current logo which is attached We need your help! More information on the organization can be seen at www.100blackmen.org Colors: Black and Gold are the organizations main colors. We tend to have black or dark backgrounds. However, if you feel there are some colors that can add to the presentation please do.

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  • About#49 #50 #51. Hi there, I have had a bit of a rethink. I created a unique stylized African American male, to show strength and I have given the whole logo a very strong feel... when I read 100 Black Men it sounds very powerful and I wanted to get that over. You can use the icon separately as an icon or avatar and hopefully it would be easily recognized. I like it white on black the best, but you could have it gold too. It works on dark and light background. Kind regards, Liz
    • Liz ! Thanks for all your hard work. The text on #47 is better but we like the original icon on #17 more. The face is a bit too stylized for our needs. We want the message to be masculine but focused on conveying community service and helping youth. The style on the first set was much more conservative and a generic as you said, looks better.

    • OK thanks for your constructive feedback. I will go back to the original design, I see what you mean... a bit more friendly and compassionate! : )

  • CH, Ok...please review #60. Here I wanted to use the same "characters" from my original concept, but created a welcoming, "Here to lend a helping hand" feel. I look forward to additional feedback you may have to offer. Thank you Dina
  • We like this design, maybe a slightly more noticeable icon. Plus a different depiction of the adult and child. This is a bit too father/ son and we need more mentor/mentee
    • Not a problem. Before reading this comment I just submitted a newer version. Please let me know your thoughts. I will also adjust the icon a bit more to about mentor and mentee. May I ask the average age group of the mentee? Thanks! Dina

    • We mentor people across all ages but we feel the most impact is in the 8-12 age range.

    • ok thank you so much! I will work on a different icon then. May I ask if it is the arm around the mentee that you do not like?

    • Thank you for your creations. Yes, in our culture we have to be careful with contact with kids, not everyone sees things the same way.

    • I gotcha! Am working on new version right now for you. :) Will submit in just a few minutes. Dina

  • About #23 Hi, thanks for your interest and queries about my design. The zeros have two rings each with multiple angles to show the multiple problems of black community and your focus areas. You can relate outer or inner rings for your attempt/focus to address their problems. also bringing the community towards the center or two eyes evaluating and monitoring what are going around them and what measures should be taken. As you call it, abstract and you like modern theme, plentiful meanings can be drawn. The main letters of the texts are- B M G B, so you can commonly use mentoring symbol for B (facing upward) and M; G is made at the last zero in the inner ring. By doing this, i would like to provide you the standalone symbol which will reflect the organization without the text too. So i showed it in the square as well. And it will be clear in a smaller square as well. If you like you can place the text to the right of the symbols. You can use it as avatar or icon if you need. The last line of the text can be changed into less futuristic at any time. I hope u will like the concept and suggest me more to refine the logo. Thanks.
    • Thanks for the detail. The design is unique, but too busy. Maybe simplifying it a bit.

    • ok thanks. i will present you some more versions with unique themes.

  • Thanks so much for all of the interesting submissions! Keep them coming. Just as a note a few design tips - we think a more horizontal logo will work better for us - we like the idea of some type of icon with the text, rather than just a pure word mark - Remember to balance the icon or art with the text. Text has been overpowered in some submissions.
  • Hello CH check out number #33 , hope you like it !
    • It's 100 black men, not sure we like the Africa in the logo as we are American :)

    • I sould iliminate myself for that mistake !! I'll submit a new one with no mistakes. Whould you like me to add something specific in the numbers ?

    • Let your imagination take you where you want to go! However, the 100 looks too large to the text and we would prefer a more horizontal logo

  • Interesting, we like the concept, but perhaps a different position for the people. This is a bit too personal for a mentor and mentee. The color gradient in the fill starts too light and fades to dark.
    • Thank you for your feedback.I'll try to change that and I'll sent you soon.Best regards!

  • Interesting, but the 100 gets lost in the sun. The rising sun doesn't really relate to what we do.
  • Maybe with the gold , on the bottom logo, the text weights are much better. Perhaps a golden ratio for proportion of logo to text.
  • We would like a new design.
  • Nice, but maybe two lines on with black men and the next line of greater beaumont? The text lines should be the same length.
    • SLX

      Okay. Here are two slightly different variations: #38.

  • I like this direction simple and clean, However, the text needs a little more weight and black men should be a little bigger than of greater beaumont.
    • SLX

      Thanks. I will try to improve it. SLX

    • SLX

      Changed the design a little and uploaded two examples (#34 and #35). Let me know if this is better.

  • Definitely a more abstract concept. Please explain some of the reasons for the more boxy 00 and the G on the last zero? The font for greater beaumont is too futuristic.
  • Thanks for your design but not the direction we are going... The men with the backs turned doesn't do much for us. Looking for cleaner designs.
  • The text size is getting better, the graphics thus tends to overpower the text. The act of tying a box seems to over complicate the design a bit. Like some of the earlier concepts. Maybe a more metallic gold?
  • Thanks for your design. Overall feel is nice. The icon looks more fashion based. More business oriented style would be much better. "Black Men" should be bigger than the " of greater beaumont"
  • Thanks for your design, text looks good. However, the loral and icon needs to go in a different direction. More modern.
  • Thanks, but not the direction we are looking for. The head is not something we like
  • Thanks for your work. It's a bit off the mark needs to be a much more masculine design
  • Thanks however don't understand the chess piece and the text needs some work on alignment