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Winning design #209 by marcodamian, Logo Design for 100 x 100 Mission Contest
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designed by marcodamian

Project description

We are an engineering company (Millstream Energy Products Ltd) that has created a high performance burner (used during oil and gas extraction) which reduces CO2 emissions by 43%, as well as reducing the amount of gas used during the process. Our 100 x 100 mission is to save $100 million & avoid 100 megatons of CO2 being released into the atmosphere. This is ultimately a greening initiative within the oil and gas industry. 
We would like the logo to be simple, impactful, and inspire a hopeful tone. See attached company logo for style. Please incorporate the "M" from the Millstream company logo. 

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  • Hi bridget, I put green arrow going up along with green 100 to signify increase money saving, and black arrow pointing down with black 100 to signify decrease in carbon. let me know your thoughts. thank you #267
  • I hope you like it #265
  • hi sir, please check design me,,,and hope you like this, thank's very much

    hopefully you lucky day

    Regards of me
    LogoPol17 #254
  • please guide me,thank you #248
  • sir, I appreciate your positive feedback. thanks. #247
  • Check this. #246
  • please check it. #240
  • 100 + m #219
  • Please check my design,thank you. #211
  • Hello!
    We feel like we are narrowing in on a winner here! A few more adjustment we would like. We like the font you used here.
    Could you please remove the line under the M?
    Could we see a version on a black background with white lettering, and then one with the steel grey you used in another entry?
    Could we also see one with the "100"s in colour text?
    And we'd like to making the the red is from our brand. I'll try to attach the colour swatch.
    Thank you! #200
  • Hi sir... thank you for your rating and eliminations...this is another submission i hope this what you want... best regards #201
  • hope this will fulfill your expectation...need feedback #184
  • sir ,i try my best to fulfill your expectation....need feedback #183
  • 100x100 paper #181
  • Hello! Could we also remove the leaves and the oil drop? Thank you! #52
    • @bridget @bridget Hello this is my revisions Ch., please check #168 #169 #175

  • Hello! We like your entry.
    Could you please my our company logo M the m in "mission"? And also use our company font?
    https://fonts.google.com/specimen/Exo #52
    • @bridget Hello this is my revisions Ch., please check #168 #169 #175

  • Hello!
    We are wondering if you could change the M in "mission" to our company logo M? And also maybe use our company font https://fonts.google.com/specimen/Exo #86
  • Hello! We really like the simplicity of your entry. Are you able to use the same font we have on our company logo?
    We're also wondering If we could change the image to our logo's M, with green inside the swoosh, if that makes sense. #30
  • hello sir, please see my design & provide your feedback kindly.. #149
  • hello sir, please see my design & provide your feedback kindly. #148